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Mexico Wedding Requirements

  • How many days do I need to be at the resort before the wedding date?
    The couple must arrive at Velas Resorts at least 3 business days (Monday-Saturday) before the scheduled civil ceremony date.
  • Are weddings performed at Velas Resorts legally recognized in the United States?
    Yes. Civil/legal weddings performed in Mexico are legal in the United States. To find out more about the legal and translation requirements for registering your marriage certificate obtained in Mexico, contact your local courthouse. Remember that you are responsible for any additional charges imposed by your state or country to register your marriage or provide additional paperwork.
  • What are the document requirements for a legal wedding in Mexico?
    • Marriage Application
    • Proof of legal stay in México (Original & Copy)
    • Blood test (Completed no more than 15 days prior to the wedding day)
    • Death certificate of previous spouse if applicable (certified translation to Spanish)
    • Four (4) Witnesses, can be relatives except parents (must present proof of legal stay in México and photo ID. If the witnesses are Mexican citizens, an official photo ID is required)
    • Passport or Driver's License
    • Birth certificate (certified translation to Spanish)
    • Divorce certificate if applicable (certified translation to Spanish)
    • Health certificate (Completed no more than 15 days prior to the wedding day)
    • If neither person to be married is not a Mexican citizen it is necessary to obtain authorization from the Mexican Immigration Office, at an extra charge.

    Consult your Velas Resorts Wedding Planner about legal requirements for your wedding and travel to Mexico.
  • If my name is different from the passport and birth certificate will this be an issue?
    Yes. All names must be exactly the same, including middle names. In addition, a Tourist Visa is required by the Mexican Government to carry out the wedding. You will automatically obtain this upon arrival at the Cancun or Puerto Vallarta Airport. It is the card placed in your passport after passing through immigration. If either the bride or groom has ever been adopted, divorced, widowed, or had a name change, an original or certified copy of the related document is required.
  • What if a document is missing? Can the judge still perform the ceremony?
    No. There are no exceptions to this rule. All documents must be in order, so please verify well in advance that you are in possession of all documents before departure.
  • Should we mail our documents before we arrive?
    Yes. Documents must be presented to your Velas Resorts wedding coordinator at least 30 days prior to the wedding day and must be personally presented to the Judge at the time of your interview.
  • Are witnesses required?
    For a legal ceremony, four witnesses must be present. Each of your witnesses must provide valid identification. Most witnesses use their passports, however other forms of government-issued identification are acceptable too.
  • How far in advance should the couple arrive in order to be able to have the ceremony?
    Most ceremonies last for approximately 30 minutes. Traditional religious ceremonies, such as Catholic weddings, are usually a bit longer. If you plan to take your vows just before sunset, your reception will get started as twilight descends. After dinner, you'll be able to dance under starry skies
  • The couple must arrive at Velas Resorts at least 3 business days (Monday-Saturday) before the scheduled civil ceremony date.
    Legal ceremonies are officiated by a judge who is authorized by the Mexican government to issue a marriage certificate which is valid in Mexico only. In order to be registered in a foreign country, it must be translated and legally stamped. One of the requirements for a legal wedding in Mexico is a blood test that must be taken at least three business days before the wedding. Symbolic ceremonies are led by a non-denominational minister who will give a reading about love and the partnership of marriage. The minister will issue a certificate with no legal value. Religious ceremonies are sacred rituals led by a pastor, priest, rabbi, or another spiritual leader. Hindu, Jewish, and Catholic weddings are a few of the religious ceremonies that we offer.
  • Is it possible to contact the Mexican Immigration Authorities directly prior to our arrival?
    Yes. You can contact them at