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Exquisite Mexico Wedding Venues

Mar del Cabo reflects Mexico's whimsical, old-world charm, where bougainvilleas drape lazily over white-washed walls to create a canvas for your paradise wedding.
Encanto Terrace venues at mar del cabo in mexico

Encanto Terrace

1,411 Sq. Ft Event Spaces |
Capacity: 80 Cocktail | 50 Banquet
Encanto Terrace is an open-air venue enveloped by stunning architecture, lush palms, and colorful bougainvilleas.
Terraza del Sol venue at mar del cabo

Terraza del Sol

1,431 Sq. Ft Event Spaces | 90 Ceremony
Capacity: 90 Cocktail | 70 Banquet
Live the perfect "I do" moment as the Sea of Cortez witnesses your promise of love in an oceanfront spectacle.
Beautiful beach at mar del cabo

Mar del Cabo Beach

1,463 sq. ft Event Spaces | 150 Ceremony
Capacity: 150 Cocktail | 120 Banquet
Hold hands and celebrate the start of a new chapter while standing on the golden sand, and the backdrop of the sea of Cortez will capture the perfect ''I do''.
mardelcabo venues patiodelmar in mexico

Patio del Mar

1,076 Sq. Ft Event Spaces |
Capacity: 100 Cocktail | 40 Banquet
Situated on the second level, it offers breathtaking views of the sea of Cortez to complement a beautiful moment of love.