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General Ceremony Questions

  • Who performs the ceremonies at your resorts?
    You can choose the right type of officiant for your style and your ceremony: religious, symbolic, or legal. For a legal wedding, an authorized judge will lead your ceremony. Non-denominational ministers lead symbolic ceremonies, and religious weddings are conducted by a spiritual leader such as a priest, pastor, or rabbi.
  • Will the ceremony be performed in English or Spanish?
    The legal ceremony is performed in Spanish with the services of a Professional Translator if required.
  • Can we have the ceremony on the beach?
    Yes. Velas Resorts can organize beautiful Civil or Symbolic ceremonies on the tranquil beaches of Mexico. Religious (Catholic) ceremonies must be celebrated at the nearest church, as mandated by the Vatican.
  • How many weddings do you host in a single day?
    Only one: yours. Your wedding is an important, once-in-a-lifetime celebration that deserves exclusivity - and that's just what you'll find at our luxury resorts. Your personal wedding coordinator will ensure that no detail is overlooked. We offer an enticing array of thoughtful services and wedding packages in Mexico to make your day complete.
  • Can my guests attend the wedding if they are not staying at the resort?
    Yes. However, guests not staying at any Velas Resorts must purchase a wedding pass upon their arrival to the resort. Wedding passes are guaranteed for purchase only on the ceremony date and can stay only the time of the wedding event. Please contact your wedding planner for wedding pass restrictions.
  • Can children attend our wedding?
    If the ceremony/reception takes place at the Garden or Pool area, we are not able to make any exceptions due to the "adult-only" policy. All guests must be 18 years or older. However if the ceremony/reception will take place at the Beach Club, children are welcome. Families with children can stay at Velas Vallarta. Please consult your Wedding Planner for details.
  • What time of day do most weddings at your resorts take place?
    Wedding ceremonies usually begin 1.5 hours prior to sunset for the most beautiful skies. Depending on the time of year, this can mean anywhere from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. In the summer months, a sunset ceremony offers milder temperatures by avoiding the heat of the day. Our personal wedding planners can help you figure out the perfect time to say "I do."
  • How long is the average wedding ceremony at your resorts?
    Most ceremonies last for approximately 30 minutes. Traditional religious ceremonies, such as Catholic weddings, are usually a bit longer. If you plan to take your vows just before sunset, your reception will get started as twilight descends. After dinner, you'll be able to dance under starry skies
  • What is the difference between a legal, religious and symbolic ceremony?
    Legal ceremonies are officiated by a judge who is authorized by the Mexican government to issue a marriage certificate which is valid in Mexico only. In order to be registered in a foreign country, it must be translated and legally stamped. One of the requirements for a legal wedding in Mexico is a blood test that must be taken at least three business days before the wedding. Symbolic ceremonies are led by a non-denominational minister who will give a reading about love and the partnership of marriage. The minister will issue a certificate with no legal value. Religious ceremonies are sacred rituals led by a pastor, priest, rabbi, or another spiritual leader. Hindu, Jewish, and Catholic weddings are a few of the religious ceremonies that we offer.
  • How do I secure a wedding reception date?
    To save your wedding date, simply fill out a wedding reservation request form with all the required information in order to start your booking process right away. You may also contact our Wedding Specialist Team at 866-868-0922 (USA & CANADA) and 01800-837-3982 (from MEXICO).
    To save the date and reserve a wedding venue, $100 USD per person will be required. This deposit is non-refundable.
  • Can you make a webcam available during the ceremony for guests that cannot attend?
    Yes, we offer professional live streaming at all of our resorts in Mexico. You'll be able to share every moment of your ceremony with family and friends anywhere around the world. Our social media concierge will also update Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for you as the wedding unfolds. Afterward, we'll create a special Pinterest board with the best images from the day.
  • Is it possible to ship my wedding dress, wedding favors or other packages to the resort?
    Yes, any package can be shipped directly to the property. However the resort is not responsible for any inconvenience during the shipping process (Customs taxes, document requirements, etc).
  • When should I expect to be contacted after submitting a reservation request form?
    You will receive email confirmation usually within 24-48 business hours. Also, please feel free to contact us directly by telephone or by emailing or