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Welcome the New Year Together

By: Weddings by Velas / 27 Nov 2018
Welcome the New Year Together

Welcome the New Year Together: New Year's Eve Traditions for Couples

The new year will be here before you can blink twice and this signals the opportunity to for a fresh beginning in one (or many) areas of your life. The door is opening for the chance to plan, to set goals, to dream, and to evaluate how far you've come and where you plan to go.

If love is on your list of new adventures for 2018, we have a few NYE traditions for couples that will jumpstart your new year and bring energy into your relationship. We can't guarantee the outcomes, but these are fun, quirky and sure to give you and your partner a deeper connection to welcome the year 2019 together.

A Kiss and a Wish

Everyone is familiar with the first tradition: a kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve with a wish in mind. If you're in Mexico on NYE, we also have a tradition to eat one grape for every chime of the clock at midnight. Eating 12 grapes of good luck is how we ring in the new year. You can try these New Year's traditions at the same time, although it may get messy, we recommend focusing on one and then add a kiss afterward for good measure.

A Secret Shade of Red

Red is the color of amor and it's also the color that may guide a relationship smoothly into the new year. According to belief, wearing red undergarments (both men and women) will attract love on this special eve. If you are married or are about to get married, the key is to put this tradition into practice on New Year's Eve to attract good energy for the year 2019.

Light a Candle

Give your New Year's celebration a soft, intimate glow of candle light in order to create the next ritual. Light a large (red) candle together with your partner at midnight, the bigger the better, and surround the soft flame with your hands for a few moments. Feel the warmth, the love and the energy that is present in the center. In this peaceful moment, you can bring well wishes, health and wellbeing into your relationship or upcoming nuptials in 2019.

Wedding Rings in Champagne

This tradition can be used with wedding rights, engagement rings or even sweet promise rings. Pour a glass of your favorite type of bubbly and place your rings in the bottom of the one glass. When the clock strikes midnight, one partner will drink half of the champagne and then the other will (carefully) drink the remaining portion. Then, exchange the rings for the rest of the night. This is believed to reinforce the close bond of your love.

Whether you're currently married, or planning your wedding in 2019, these NYE traditions are light, fun and easy to do with your partner to open the next chapter of your relationship together.

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