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Your Wedding Venue: The Top 10 Things You Should Consider

By: Velas Weddings / 16 May 2022
Top 10 to consider for your wedding venue

The place where you hold your wedding can set the tone of the celebration, so making sure you find a place suitable for your needs is essential.

To help you make this crucial decision, we've compiled a list of the top 10 factors you must take into account when choosing the venue for your wedding. 


#1 Capacity

The size of a venue can be the ultimate make-or-break for your decision. If you're expecting a long guest list, but a certain space is designed for smaller parties, it'll make for an uncomfortable time for your guests. Everyone should have enough space to party, dance, and have a good time without feeling crowded.

On the other hand, if the venue is too big for your guest list, you risk spending more money than necessary trying to fill the empty space.

Regardless, you should always choose a venue that has adequate capacity for the size of the wedding you want.

Wedding venue capacity

Image: @anaandjerome 


#2 Full-Service Option

Some wedding venues don't offer a complete service (the banquet, bar, staff, decoration, furniture, etc.). But honestly, having all your providers come from one place makes your life a whole lot easier.

Always ask the venue about what options they have of suppliers for if you were to book there. If you love the place, and they offer an all-inclusive package, or you feel you can take care of booking outside suppliers for your big day, then it's an excellent option that should definitely go on your list of finalists.

Full service wedding venue

Image: Evgenia Kostiaeva  


#3 One Event at a Time!

Unfortunately, some venues hold more than one wedding on the same day. Booking in these places should be avoided since the staff's attention will be divided between several events at the same time, and common spaces such as the bathrooms and the parking lot can get uncomfortably crowded.

Instead, be sure to ask if the venue is only hosting one wedding at a time. And if not, it might be time to cut it from the list.

Wedding venue one event a time

Image: @amoramor_weddings


#4 Same Location for the Ceremony and the Reception

Although this isn't an absolute must, it's certainly convenient. Having your ceremony and the party that follows it in the same place makes the logistics of your entire event much easier. There's no need to worry about transportation between one place and another, as all the guests, suppliers, and such will already be there.

Many wedding venues have beautiful spaces for all types of ceremonies. This is definitely something you should consider!

Same location wedding ceremony and reception

Image: @dreamartphotography


#5 Nice, Comfortable and Accessible Restrooms

The topic of bathrooms is on this list since it's very important. Virtually all of your guests will go to the bathroom at least once, and so will you and your partner. Considering this, your wedding venue should have nice and comfortable washrooms.

Be sure to ask how many bathrooms are available and if any are wheelchair accessible, should you or any guests require one.

Wedding bathrooms

Image: Jeremy Chou Photography


#6 Picturesque Location

This day's going to go down as one of the happiest moments in your life— you'll have just married the love of your life! Of course, you'll want to have incredible photos that, over the years, will let you relive this day and all its magic.

Find a venue that has a beautiful setting to capture stunning pictures.

Picturesque wedding location

Image: @photobyjulieta


#7 Length of the Event

If dancing the night away is a priority for you, this point is definitely one to consider.

Check the hours of the venue. Some places set strict times, while in others the party can last until dawn!

Wedding party length

Image: @photobyjulieta


#8 Transportation

Transportation is important for the comfort of your guests. Make sure that the venue has enough space for parking and that it's an easy walk from there to the main event.

If you're going to have a destination wedding, ask the site if they have any sort of transportation service available to pick up your guests wherever they are accommodated and return them when the party's over.

It's essential to ensure that your friends and family can get to and from your wedding without any hassle.

Wedding transportation

Image: Jeremy Chou Photography


#9 Plan B

Sometimes, emergency situations or unforeseen events happen! That's why it's super important to check if the wedding venue has a plan B just in case.

Keep this in mind, especially if you're getting married in a place that's prone to natural disasters, such as hurricanes.

Wedding plan B

Image: @moni_adri_photography


#10 The Right Space for the Right Weather

Lastly, you may want to get married in the summer when the heat is at its highest, or in the winter when the nights can be cool. However, no matter what time of year you decide to say "I do," your choice of wedding venue must be the right space for the expected weather that day.

Take, for example, if it's going to be hot and you want an outdoor wedding, then the venue should be positioned in such a way that the wind is blowing to create a nice breeze for you and your guests.

Wedding venue weather

Image: Avesol


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