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Wedding Trends: The Maid of Honor's Dress

By: Weddings by Velas Resorts / 12 Mar 2020
how to choose the best maid of honor dress

Every bride has that one woman in her life who stands out as the most influential and tirelessly supportive. Whether this woman is your best friend, your sister, your mother or your cousin, she is the one you're the closest with.

This woman will be your Maid of Honor. As a bride, you'll want her by your side, guiding and directing the bridesmaids to help you on your big day. You'll have all the confidence in the world of her leadership and her ability to make the best decisions for your wedding.


bridesmaid and maid of honor dress


So what are the best dress options for a Maid of Honor?

Most times, the Maid of Honor has a dress that is complementary but stands out from the rest. There are 3 simple ways to achieve this goal when you're dress shopping. 


how to choose the maid of honor dress


1. Same Style Dress, But a Complementary Color

The simplest option is to choose a dress that is the same style as the others but in a tone that complements the bridesmaids' dresses. 

To accentuate all the ladies' dresses (especially for the photography that you'll cherish forever), it's best to choose a dress that falls into a similar color range. For example, if the bridesmaids wear dark rose, the Maid of Honor can wear a light shade of pink. The idea is that they combine perfectly, but that the Maid of Honor shines the brightest. 


choosing the best maid of honor dress


2. Maid of Honor Dress: Same Color, Unique Style

For all the bridesmaids to look good together, you can choose a Maid of Honor dress that is the same color range but a slightly different style from the rest. 

This works perfectly as long as the overall theme is maintained. Choose dresses with similar characteristics as the bridesmaids'. Some ideas for this option are to have the bridesmaids wear sleeveless dresses, and the Maid of Honor in the same color but in a long-sleeved dress. 


how to choose the best maid of honor dress


3. Strikingly Different Maid of Honor Dress, While still Compatible

This combination is a little more risky and fashion-forward. If you have an eye for fashion and you want a Maid of Honor style that breaks the mold, you can choose a different color and style while still maintaining an overall look and theme to the wedding party. 

You can choose a dress that has a little more or less length but continuing a pattern of a similar neckline, or a similar fabric type. Or, as shown above at our Grand Velas Los Cabos, Braeden selected two Maids of Honor who both wore stunning, patterned dresses that complemented the overall look of the wedding party.


coordinating the bridesmaid and maid of honor dresses


While choosing dress styles for both the Bridesmaids as well as the Maid of Honor, keep in mind the time of day and location of your wedding. For example, when planning a beach wedding, you'll want to choose dresses that are lightweight and that flow in the breeze. Soft tones are great for beach weddings. 

If you're dreaming of a luxury beach wedding in Mexico, where your personality and style are reflected in each and every detail, the luxury beach weddings at Velas Resorts is a perfect option. 


how to choose the right maid of honor dress


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