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Wedding Photography Inspiration: Ideas for the Bride

By: Weddings by Velas Resorts / 30 Jan 2020
wedding photography ideas for the bride

Your wedding day is your day to shine - you'll have the best photographer, hand picked with care, and all of those whom you love and adore will be surrounding you in their very best style. You'll be filling your wedding album with gorgeous photos of your big day, but it won't be complete until you have a few photos of you in all of your bridal splendor. 

Make sure you get breathtaking photos of your hair, your makeup, your stunning dress, and every sparkling detail. Your photographer will most likely encourage you to have a few images of simply yourself - and, at Velas Weddings, we've compiled some of our favorite bridal images to give you inspiration for your photo session.

Choose a few of your favorites to share with your photographer and have fun, relax, and let the camera capture your true essence on your special day.

Get inspired by the gorgeous bridal photography that our Grand Velas resorts have hosted.

 Wedding photography for the bride


Getting Ready

The moment has finally arrived, and you are getting ready for the big day and all that it will bring. Preparing your hair, your makeup and the dress are some of the intimate and most priceless moments that you'll want to capture to look back on for years to come. 


wedding ideas bridal photoography


Show Off the Train

Will your wedding dress have a remarkable train? Then dedicate a photo session to showing it off! You will be so radiant, so make the most of every moment before the wedding to take all the photos you can with your dress, the details and the flowing train to truly highlight each and every detail.


ideas for wedding photos bride


Focus on the Shoes 

The shoes are an important part of the wedding dress even though in many weddings, they never show from underneath the dress. Whether you're planning to slip into a glamorous pair of high heels or hide some funky cool tennis shoes under your dress, we know you've spent time planning every detail of your day, and especially the shoes -- show them off for the wedding photos!


wedding photo session inspiration ideas


Gazing Off into the Horizon

Our Grand Velas resorts are set on magnificent stretches of coastline and provide a gorgeous backdrop for a photo of you, in all your beauty, looking off to the horizon. This is a stunning and pensive portrait, representing a look into the future. Your wedding dress most likely has a gorgeous opening in the back, not to mention the train that will look truly spectacular against the sand and the tropical sunset. 


ideas bridal photos Velas Weddings


Let the Wind Fill Your Veil 

The bridal veil is a fun accessory for photography. From the bride playing with the veil to the wind catching it in just the perfect way, the veil accentuates the wedding photography! Take advantage of the gentle sea breeze at the Velas Resorts and let your veil billow behind you as the camera captures the unique style of this breathtaking pose.


bridal images ideas 2020 velas resorts mexico


The Wedding Bouquet

While we're focusing on every pre-planned detail, you will want a photo of your bouquet in front of your dress. This will be one of the images you will treasure the most when you look back through your albums. Tell your wedding photographer to try different angles in order to capture the most stunning images of you and your bridal bouquet. 


bridal photography ideas 2020 - Velas Weddings


Simply & Truly You

While many photo sessions focus on posing at angles, with the gaze away from the camera, no image will better reflect the emotion of your special day as an image of you facing the camera and showing off your gorgeous smile. Let the excitement of the day shine through your wedding photography and be authentically you.  


bridal images inspiration 2020 velas weddings

Find a Beautiful Space

Our resorts at Grand Velas have some truly beautiful little nooks and corners tucked away, just waiting for you to find them and strike a post. Find one of these locations near your ceremony and stop for a few fun poses that showcase your happiness, your style and your amazing dress.


2020 bridal photography ideas and inspiration velas resorts


Before The Wedding Begins

Before the wedding begins, your photographer can take the opportunity to have a small photography session in the many unique areas of your wedding. From the ceremony to the reception, steal away for a few quick photos prior to guests arriving. Remember to have the groomsmen steer the groom away from these areas if you don't want him to see you in your wedding dress prior to the wedding! 


bride photography session 2020 ideas - Velas Resorts

Just Before Leaving the Wedding

There is a special moment right as the bride walks from the area she was preparing her hair and makeup to the ceremony and the aisle. You'll be full of emotions at this point, since you know that in just a few steps, you'll arrive at the altar where your future partner will be waiting for you. You'll also get to see the faces of all of your friends and loved ones. Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest moments to capture. 

Take these ideas and come up with a few of your own that will show your personality, style and happiness. We know you'll have a gorgeous wedding photography session that you'll look back on for the rest of your life. 

If you're planning a luxury destination wedding in Mexico, at Velas Weddings, it will be our pleasure to help you create the wedding of your dreams. Our exclusive resorts at Grand Velas Riviera Maya, Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, Velas Vallarta, Casa Velas, Grand Velas Los Cabos and Mar del Cabo in Los Cabos have numerous beach venues to choose from as well as some of the best beaches in Mexico to host your special day. 

Check the availability of your date below and a certified wedding planner will contact you to begin planning the day to remember forever. 


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