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Unique Ideas for Your Rehearsal Dinner

By: Velas Weddings / 23 Mar 2022
Unique ideas for your rehearsal dinner

Rehearsal dinners are a beloved tradition before every marriage ceremony!

It's even better when it's for a destination wedding, as guests usually want to arrive a few days before to enjoy the beautiful location. What's better than having a small event prior to the big day to have a good time with your closest friends and family?

To make sure your rehearsal dinner is a night no one will ever forget, here are some unique activities to have a great time.


Have a Picnic-Style Setup

Leave the formality for the wedding and go for a more relaxed style at your rehearsal dinner. A picnic-style setup will be super fun, as well as a surprise for all your guests.

If you are going to have a destination wedding at a hotel, ask them to help you with this idea. Keep it simple, but with details that convey your personality and that of your partner. One nice decoration idea is to ask your florist to make arrangements with the same flowers she'll use at the wedding but presented in a simpler manner, such as in recycled containers, baskets, or wooden boxes of different sizes.

Image: Jeremy Chou


Transform a Memory Into an Interactive Experience

Your rehearsal dinner can go beyond a small celebration and become an experience that reflects part of your love story.

For example, if on the first date you and your partner toasted with a shot of tequila, you can organize a tasting to try different types of the spirit. Or how about a cooking class where you and your guests can learn to prepare the same dish you had the day your partner proposed?

The idea here is to bring a favorite memory from the past and share it with your guests through an interactive experience. This way, they'll learn something while having fun and celebrating your relationship.


Include a Game Night

Who doesn't like to play? One way to add a fun twist to your rehearsal dinner is to include some games.

This could be board games like Jenga or Bingo, or other activities like target shooting or beer pong. Think of your favorite games and make them part of your celebration!

Playing games is also a great way to break the ice for your guests and get to know each other better.

Image: Moni & Adri  Photography- @moni_adri_photography


Share a Spiritual Ceremony With Your Guests

Another unique idea is to have a spiritual ceremony during your rehearsal dinner! For example, at Velas Resorts, we have the Circle of Fire Ceremony and the Purification of the Soul Ceremony with Copal, which are experiences to cleanse the soul and let positive thoughts flow.

A spiritual ceremony shared with your closest friends and family is a great way to start this new chapter of your life.


Invite Everyone to Create a Wish Tree

Weddings are full of good wishes. You can have a symbolic activity in which each guest hangs a ribbon on a tree near the rehearsal dinner location. Each ribbon will represent a wish sent to the bride and groom. 

Once all the guests have passed to hang their ribbon, take a group photo by the tree, as well as just one of you and your partner. It would be a beautiful memory that you can all keep for a lifetime.


Close Your Dinner With a Campfire

A campfire may be the best way to close out your rehearsal dinner. 

Imagine the moment: everyone gathered around the warm fire, talking, laughing, sharing stories, and wishing the best for the bride and groom.

Of course, you can't forget the marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolates to enjoy some delicious s'mores.

What do you think of these ideas for your rehearsal dinner? At Velas Resorts, we can make any activity you have in mind a reality, and make sure you enjoy an unforgettable celebration prior to your wedding day!

Get in touch with us, we would love to help organize your dream wedding on the beach.

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