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Trending Colors for Fall Weddings

By: Weddings by Velas Resorts / 26 Aug 2019
Trending Colors for Fall Weddings

The magic of Fall rests on the rainbow of bright colors that turn forests into a beautiful palette of warmth, signaling the end of summer and the coming of winter. There is something rather romantic about the reds, yellows, and ochre colors that are commonly associated with Fall.

 Autumn weddings can be quite enigmatic while glinting nostalgia and melancholy, normally associated with the seasonal departure of long summer days.

 During this time in particular when the seasonal changes are so noticeable in the colors of the landscape, fall weddings tend to have a predictable palette of colors of rich reds and earthy browns that can be used for great effect on the special day.

 In saying this, however, your wedding shouldn't have to stick to a predictable color palette that is associated with the autumn season.

 There are many creative ways to theme your wedding for Fall while keeping an extraordinarily vibrant color palette that will surprise you and your guests.

 Keep on reading and discover new ways of making any fall wedding vibrant with colors that will spark up the night. Leave the melancholy behind and launch this new era of your life with magic.


A sophisticated spark of Spring for Fall

 There's no need to make your Fall wedding somber and dark. You can keep an elegant and bright environment while celebrating happiness by integrating a vibrant boysenberry color, mixed with a soft silver frost to maintain a sophisticated vibe, whilst adding a spark of blush for extra warmth.

 This color scheme is perfect for those who want their wedding colors to be vibrant at the same time as sustaining a sophisticated atmosphere.


Ocean elegance

 The perfect color palette for a fall wedding on the beach.

 It is common for couples to think that getting married on the beach can steal the elegance from their special day, but nothing could be further from the truth. With the right color palette, your wedding can bathe in elegance with a navy colored theme that will intertwine naturally with the elements of the environment.


For the hopeless romantic


 Romance is one of the main emotions that drive couples to want an incredible wedding. What better way is there to create an intimate atmosphere than by choosing a color palette that expresses your romantic desires?

The combination of soft pink, forest green, and ivory white creates a relaxed yet romantic ambiance that blends the softness of romantic emotions with the vibrant energy of nature.


Beach Sophistication

 If you dream of the perfect beach wedding for Fall, this vibrant color palette is the perfect match for you.

 The navy blue is a representation of the ocean while the lively yellow is a perfect representation of the sun.

 This is an urban way of bringing your cheerful personality to a natural environment while keeping the theme of your wedding appropriate for the season and the location.

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