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Top Wedding Trends in 2022

By: Velas Weddings / 21 Mar 2022
Luxury beach wedding - wedding trends 2022

This year, weddings are back in full swing!

And of course, there's a new wave of trendy colors, decor, and setups coming with them, making for an unforgettable celebration for all attendees.

From the cake and the lights to the wedding dress and the cocktails, we're here to spill all you need to know about what's in style for weddings in 2022.


360° Photobooth

Photobooths have been a staple in many weddings and events of all kinds, and this year they've been transformed into a fun 360° slow-motion experience.

You've probably seen the little videos that have become quite popular at big Hollywood award shows like the Golden Globes. People get on a platform and are recorded dancing, posing, or whatever else they can think of, creating a slow-motion video of their movement. 

It's incredibly fun! And in 2022, it'll be super trendy for weddings.


Decorative Arches for the Dessert Table

Arbors have been a part of weddings for a long time, and the shape has been popularized as a key decoration for the bride and groom's table. But this year, arches are making an appearance as a striking touch to the cake and dessert table.

Whether it's pinned up with dried flowers and foliage, or kept to a simple and sleek minimalistic style, they're a decorative element sure to turn heads.


Fairytale Lighting

The lighting for the wedding is crucial, as it plays a role in setting the atmosphere and tone of the entire celebration.

In 2022, fairytale-style lighting —whether it's hanging spotlights or vintage chandeliers— has risen in popularity as a simple way to create a magical, movie-worthy ambiance.

Wedding lights | Velas Weddings Mexico

Image: @anaandjerome


Short Wedding Dresses, Bows, and Pearls

We're used to long and opulent dresses, but one of the biggest trends for weddings in 2022 that surprised us is short wedding dresses!

These gowns have always been popular in civil ceremonies, but they've been making waves for the main celebration recently. Do you dare to wear a short wedding dress?

Two other trends that we're seeing in brides are bows; on the dress, the hair accessories, or the shoes. And when it comes to jewelry, a great classic returns: pearls!


Vivid and Bold Colors

Pastel color palettes were super trendy in the previous years, as they're cute and give a sweet touch to the wedding.

But it's time to introduce more vivid and daring colors. 

Featuring warm, earthy tones, intense color-blocking, eccentric combinations, or monochromatism with eye-catching shimmers of pigment. Think bright purples, oranges, and blues, and use them in the decoration on the tables, in the flowers, and in other details of your wedding.


High-Impact Flower Arrangements

Flowers have always been an essential element in wedding decoration. In previous years we've seen the trend of placing many small arrangements on the tables, in vases, boxes, and all kinds of different containers.

In 2022, signs point to large and exciting floral arrangements, such as a pergola covered in beautiful flowers or a huge masterpiece that oversees the wedding table. The bigger and more impressive, the better!    

Image: @andreweling @makenzierogers_


And Flower "Clouds" As Well

Another trend in flowers for weddings is the "cloud" effect.

These arrangements consist of small flowers compacted closely together to form clumps or "clouds", hung in a way that makes it seem like they're floating. They give a very impressive, minimalist touch to the decoration of the wedding, either surrounding the bride and groom's table, suspended over the dance floor, or leaving a dreamy effect in any other space of the celebration.



One of the best trends for weddings in 2022, and one we hope will stay for quite some time (or forever), is sustainability. The bride and groom are now looking to incorporate sustainable elements into their ceremonies. 

This includes choosing eco-friendly suppliers, plastic-free services, changing printed invitations for digital versions, donating flower arrangements for reuse, etc.


Creative and Elaborate Cocktails

This year we'll be able to see cocktail stations with a variety of unusual ingredients to create original drinks. 

Fruits, spices, herbs, peppers, seeds, and dairy products make cocktails more fun than ever.


Live Cartoons

Cartoon portraits span the lengths of children's parties to weddings to give guests a great keepsake to bring home and keep forever. Having a talented cartoonist draw live is a fun activity that will bring a smile to everyone's faces.

These are the most exciting trends for weddings in 2022. Whether your big day includes one of these fantastic ideas, or is a completely unique design, at Velas Weddings, we're here to create the wedding you've always dreamt of.

We're specialists in luxury beach weddings and offer spectacular settings in our exclusive resorts in Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and Riviera Nayarit.

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