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Tips for the perfect wedding in nature

By: Wedding by Velas Resorts / 01 Aug 2019
Tips for the perfect wedding in nature

After you say "yes" to one of the most life-changing questions of your life, then comes an entirely different set of questions that will determine the success of the most magical and romantic day of your life; your wedding.

The official event that marks the beginning of your love story deserves to take your breath away, and it's worthy of a celebration that you can happily remember for decades to come.

Nature's aura offers the perfect setting to create an atmosphere to rejoice and celebrate with the people that you love, a perfect mix of nature, harmony, romance, and exclusivity.

However, even the perfect setting for your wedding requires attention to detail to make it extraordinary. Knowing which details to focus on is what makes someone an expert, converting their work into masterpieces.

These tips will give you a guide to achieving perfection on your special day.

 Venue is key 

The location of your wedding will be the body of your event, but the venue will be the bone structure. You want the structure to be able to accentuate the details and decorations of your wedding, which is why it's pivotal to pay extra attention to the wedding venue.

Hotel Casa Velas is one of the favorite wedding venues amongst couples who seek the perfect combination of luxury and nature in one place. It is an oasis that enhances the natural elements with refined architecture, providing a feast of luxury and elegance for the eyes.

Lighting can create magic 

One of the most mesmerizing aspects of having a wedding in nature is being able to create an artistic and inspiring lighting installation that can intertwine with the natural light of the moon and stars.

You have to keep in mind that lighting will be a key element when it comes to giving your reception a dashing touch of enchantment.

Avoid an extravagant wedding dress

A puffy dress is something you'll want to avoid. Part of getting married in lush gardens is making the natural elements blend in with your ceremony. A puffy dress will most likely get tangled in plants and will increase your body temperature, making you have second thoughts about dancing.

Opt for a simple design made with natural and breathable fabrics, such as silk or linen. If you still want a luxurious look, silk will be your best ally: it's thin, breathable, natural and luxurious.

Have the ceremony during the day time

Twilight can be a very romantic part of the day when the sun is hiding and the stars are beginning to make their debut in the night sky. However, twilight can be a complicated time of the day to capture the colors in the photos.

Make sure to choose a time of day where the colors of the gardens and the attire can fully flourish in the videos and photos.

Your reception can beautifully glow in nighttime but the ceremony is best to be kept during the light of day.

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