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Tips for Choosing the Best Color Palette for Your Wedding

By: Velas Weddings / 19 Jul 2022
Wedding colors guide

Every step in planning your wedding is important. However, an issue probably not at the forefront of your mind (but we believe should) is the choice of colors for your big day!

It can come off as trite, but when you've already chosen your color palette, a lot of the details of your wedding become a lot simpler. This can include the decorations, the table linen, the stationery for the invitations, the dinner menus, as well as even the selection of your dress!

Plus, the color palette influences the mood and energy of your big day, so it's important to get them right. But do you know how to choose the colors for your wedding? No worries if not, that's what we're here for, and we've created this guide with top tips to help you choose which tones will best reflect the type of wedding you want.


#1 Think About the Season of the Year

There are colors that perfectly correlate to every season of the year. You can take inspiration from the beautiful tones of nature and the colors that trend at that time of year.

In spring, pastel colors and soft tones are at their prime. In summer, you see more fresh and tropical tones like blue, orange, and green. Autumn, on the other hand, is a perfect season for neutral colors, ochers and even burnt red. And finally, in winter, colder palettes made of white and blue combined with vibrant golds and silvers are sure to leave your wedding looking straight out of a fairytale.

Wedding colors according the season

Image: Claudia del Rivero

#2 Consider the Location

Choosing the venue for your wedding is probably one of the first steps in planning this celebration. When you decide where you're getting married, you can think of colors that would suit the type of venue.

Take inspiration from the environment! For example, if you're getting married on the beach, you can lean towards tropical tones that work in harmony with the setting that the sea and the palm trees give. Perhaps the sunset at your wedding destination looks spectacular, so the vivid colors that paint in the sky can be used as a reference for your palette.

Guide for wedding colors

Image: Allen Tsai


#3 Take into Account the Style of your Wedding

Each wedding style has its own ideal color palette.

For example, if your wedding has a more romantic feel, then pastel and neutral tones would compliment this. If you're going for a vintage theme, then colors like gold and peach will perfectly mesh with it. If your celebration's taking place in nature, then choose colors that add to it, such as different shades of green and brown.

Wedding colors according to your style

Image: Emily Prada


#4 Look at your Bridal Bouquet

If you already know how you want your bridal bouquet to look, you probably have the answer there!

Most likely, the flowers you want in your bouquet have a color combination that you love. Well, you can use that same palette for the rest of your wedding. Sometimes it's just that simple!

Wedding colors according your bridal bouquet

Image: Isabella Rodriguez


#5 Choose your Favorite Colors

The easiest tip to follow: just choose your favorite colors!

If you've always loved purple and green, then let them be the basis for your color palette. You can tell your wedding planner what your favorite colors are so that they can help you create a whole palette of different shades for your big day.

The idea here is to not overcomplicate things, and for your wedding to look beautiful with colors you chose that transmit the energy and style you want.

Wedding color palette

Image: Jeremy Chou


What do you think of these tips for choosing the colors for your wedding? What's your favorite one?

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