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6 Things You Should Know as a Destination Wedding Guest

By: Velas Weddings / 19 Jan 2023
Guest Destination Wedding

If you've been invited to a destination wedding, congrats! It's a unique opportunity to celebrate the love of two people while enjoying a nice vacation.

As a destination wedding guest, there are a few things you need to know before you pack your bags. From making sure you've got appropriate attire to knowing what to expect when you're traveling, here are 6 things to know as a destination wedding guest.


Who Pays the Travel Expenses?

Travel expenses will be borne entirely by you. This includes flights, lodging, meals, and transportation to the destination. The bride and groom are paying for the entire wedding and its accompanying activities, and for such, each guest is expected to pay for their stay. 

If the couple is willing to pay for their guests, they'll surely let you know from the moment you're invited to the wedding. If they don't mention such, it's to be assumed that you would be paying.


What's the Destination Like?

It's important that you know what to expect from the location before arriving at the wedding. If it's in another country, research the local customs and culture to familiarize yourself, and look for fun activities or unique experiences that you can have in the area. You're probably going to have some free time during your stay, so take advantage of this and try something new!

Also, it's crucial that you research what the weather will be like during the wedding. This willl help you know what to wear and what to expect from the environment. 

If you're going to a warmer destination, be sure to bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. And if there's going to be high humidity, you can also better prepare and make sure your hair doesn't frizz up, and looks nice at the event.

Destination Wedding Guests



What to Wear to a Destination Wedding?

In most cases, the dress code will be similar to what you would wear to a wedding in your hometown or country. However, there may be some specific customs that you should be aware of. For example, in some cultures, it's considered impolite to wear white to a wedding, so it's best to check with the bride or groom before choosing your outfit if you're unsure.

In addition to respecting the dress code, you should make sure that your clothing is appropriate for the weather. If you're traveling to a hot destination, make sure to pack light, airy fabrics that won't make you sweat excessively. Also take into account that during winter for beach destinations, although it's warm during the day, at night, it can get quite cool, so be prepared for this too!


How to Get to the Wedding Venue?

As soon as you confirm that you're going to the wedding, figure out the logistics of how you'll get there, either from the airport or where you're staying.

Sometimes the bride and groom take care of transporting their guests to the wedding venue. However, if this isn't the case, be sure to make the necessary preparations so that you don't face any unforeseen events when you arrive on the day of the wedding.

Beach Wedding Guests


Will there be other events or activities before and after the wedding?

In addition to the wedding, there may be other events or activities before and after the big day.

For example, it's possible that the bride and groom organize a welcome party for all the guests or that there's an after-party following the wedding. Ask the couple about this so that you can plan your vacation and include anything else you'd like to do. 


Finally, Is There Anything You Can Do to Help the Bride and Groom?

To be the perfect destination wedding guest, ask the couple if you can help them with anything. Remember that they're under some stress and have about a million feelings during this time, so the extra help is always welcome.

Maybe you can help them carry something in your bag that they can't fit or that'll free up space for other things they also need. Trust us, the simple fact that you've offered to help them will be a fantastic gesture that they'll appreciate.

These are some of the most important things you should know as a guest at a destination wedding. Knowing all this, you'll surely have a successful and fun trip!

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