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6 Things You Definitely Shouldn't Mention in Your Wedding Vows

By: Velas Weddings / 07 Nov 2022
Wedding Vows

Are you writing your wedding vows? Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and of course you want to make sure everything goes perfectly. This means you must take the time to plan every detail, from the beautiful dress you'll wear to the menu that all your guests will enjoy at dinner. Among all those details, at the forefront of your mind must be the vows that you'll repeat to your partner in front of all of your guests.

Wedding vows are a promise of love and loyalty that you'll make to your partner, so they must be sincere and come from the depths of your heart. Depending on your personality and relationship, a joke here or there is allowed, but there are definitely topics that we don't recommend bringing up. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading because here are 6 things that you should definitely avoid mentioning in your wedding vows.

Wedding Vows Tips

#1 Family Problems

One of the things that you steer away from mentioning in your wedding vows is family issues. Your wedding is supposed to be all about you, and you don't want anything to ruin that moment. There are always family problems, but leave them out and focus on just talking about your relationship.


#2 Ex-partners

Another thing you shouldn't talk about in your wedding vows is your exes. This is a day to focus on your new relationship, not to focus on your past. If you talk about your exes, your partner may feel uncomfortable and the moment may not be as perfect as you would like it to be.


#3 What You Don't Like About Your Partner

Along the same lines as talking about your exes, avoid mentioning what you don't like about your partner (for example, snoring), even in a joking way. Vows are not the time to talk about their shortcomings, but to emphasize how much you love them and what they mean to you.

If you have any current conflict, don't mention it either, even if it's to say that you're going to get ahead. No negativity or bad vibes!

Wedding Vows Things To Avoid


#4 Money Issues

Absolutely do not mention the possible financial troubles that you and your partner may have. You'll have enough time to talk about it and find a solution, plus money issues are a subject for the two of you, no one else has to know.


#5 Racy Stories

As fun as they can be, they could make your guests (especially your parents and older relatives) uncomfortable. Leave all the racy comments for privacy, when it's just the two of you.


#6 Too Many Inside Jokes

Of course, it's fine and fun to include a few inside jokes, after all the wedding vows are for you and not for your guests. But if you spend too much time talking about things that no one understands it'll become tiresome for everyone else. The best thing you can do is try to move all the attendees with the beautiful words, memories, and promises that you say to the love of your life.


These are the 6 things you should avoid mentioning in your vows. Take the time to write them down, erase them, and rewrite them. It's a beautiful moment that'll remain forever in your hearts, so it takes effort and time!

As a bonus tip, keep your vows short and to the point. There are probably a lot of stories and anecdotes that you want to tell in front of everyone, but making your vows too long can cause your guests to lose interest and we don't want that to happen.

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