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The Sunset in Puerto Vallarta, an impressive natural spectacle

Posted by: Weddings by Velas
30 Nov
The Sunset in Puerto Vallarta, an impressive natural spectacle

The Sunset in Puerto Vallarta, an impressive natural spectacle

Puerto Vallarta is full of things to do and see, from practicing extreme sports, dancing through the night, touring in the most iconic areas or visiting endless beaches. However, something that makes Puerto Vallarta unique are its sunsets of infinite beauty.
Every day, as people gather on the boardwalk they look towards the sun as it begins to hide on the horizon, gazing at the most wonderful natural spectacle that gives a very special touch to this place.
The bay is full of colors that can be seen in the sky; an array of reds, pinks, and violets adding an elegant touch to the beaches. They create a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere that lasts forever in the heart of those who experience them.

Moment for romance

The cloud formations in the sky draw figures that unleash the imagination of those who experience them, creating the perfect moment for, perhaps, more than a picture.
Can you imagine seeing sunsets in a slightly more intimate or romantic, environment? Just as it were your favorite film, visualize the sea breeze and admire the nuanced splendor of the beach and the sea as they mirror the sky, alongside that special person in your life.
This is the reason why Puerto Vallarta is one of the most ideal places to say "I do". A sunset here is the best omen to a new beginning with your better half.
Toast to a special day while the king star shines in all its splendor in the sky is an opportunity to share a unique and unrepeatable moment with your partner that will be remembered forever in your hearts.
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