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The Mother of the Bride on the Wedding Day

By: Weddings by Velas / 17 Apr 2019
The Mother of the Bride on the Wedding Day

A wedding is a remarkably special event not only for the soon-to-be-betrothed, but for the entire extended family. It's the beginning of a new life together, a new beginning to their lifelong journey and a blending of two families.

The wedding day revolves around the couple, but the Mother of the Bride also has a very special role throughout the day.

Between the excitement and emotion, it can be overwhelming to be the Mother of the Bride. For an idea of the most common duties, our Wedding Planners at Velas Weddings we have compiled a list to assist with one of the most valuable roles of the wedding day.


The Strongest Support

As we know, the role of the Mother of the Bride begins long before the wedding day. The bride's mother is of course, the primary support system, helping her choose each element of the celebration, from the wedding dress and hairstyle, to the centerpieces and furniture for the reception.

When the big day arrives, the mother can do many things to help everything go smoothly and, above all, to ensure her daughter is happy and looking gorgeous.


.Mother of the Bride - Before the Wedding

In all of the hustle and bustle of the wedding day adrenaline, the bride can sometimes forget to eat. Therefore, the Mother of the Bride can be there to ensure that the bride has something to eat, even if it is light, so that she does not begin the wedding on an empty stomach or get light headed.

Also, traditionally, the mother is in charge of helping to put on the wedding dress and during the entire process of getting ready and prepared so that the wife-to-be looks absolutely beautiful.


During the ceremony…

More than a "duty", during the ceremony, the Mother of the Bride will have a designated place of honor. This is typically a reserved, front row seat during the ceremony that brings her close to the marriage bond. There is always a special moment during the ceremony where the Bride will have a chance to give her mother the best gift possible : turn around, look at her and share the biggest smile from ear to ear, giving gratitude to her for everything she's provided.


Duties of the Mother of the Bride at the Reception

It's recommended that the Mother of the Bride receives all the guests at the reception, even if she doesn't know them all.

Also, she can be the one in charge of taking a beauty kit to help the new bride touch-up her hair, make-up or to make a few quick repairs to the wedding dress if needed. With all of the movement, heat, wind and hugs received, the bride may need a little refreshing touch-up before facing all of her guests at the reception.

Without a doubt, the Mother of the Bride is one of the most important people of the wedding day and that's why her role in the celebration should be highlighted.

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