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The Importance of the Jewish Chuppah

By: Weddings by Velas / 03 Apr 2019
The Importance of the Jewish Chuppah

A wedding canopy, or "Chuppah", dripping with flowers is one of the most dramatic symbols in a traditional Jewish Wedding. It's an intimate and sanctified space that provides a beautiful opportunity to personalize your Jewish ceremony.


According to Jewish tradition, marriage is the origin of all humanity and an essential element needed to be complete, both spiritually and physically.


The Jewish Wedding Chuppah

Traditionally, Jewish wedding ceremonies were held outdoors and the chuppah was a nuptial canopy that created a temporary sanctified space for the Bride and Groom. 

The ceremony began underneath the chuppah, which was made of cloth and supported by four columns. It was customary to place the canopy under the open sky to be in direct contact with the stars. The chuppah harks back to the tent-dwelling nomadic days and symbolizes the new roof of the family that is about to be formed.

Under the chuppah, the rabbi invites the bridegroom to join him, then he invites the relatives, and lastly, the bride, who, before joining, walks around the groom seven times. This is symbolic of the seven days in which the world was created and the new world they will create together. It also represents the seven portals of mercy that are opened during this solemn act.



Jewish Wedding Traditions

The ceremony under the chuppah is the most important moment of a Jewish wedding, because in addition to the union, this is when the doors of heaven open to fulfill the couple's prayers.

It's an emotional moment, full of love, happiness and spiritual devotion.

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The chuppah is simply beautiful and idyllic, it's also one of many symbols woven through the fabric of a Jewish wedding ceremony as part of the deeply rooted traditions. 

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