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The First Steps to Start Planning the Wedding of Your Dreams

By: Velas Weddings / 11 Dec 2022
Steps for wedding planning

The idea of getting married is a beautiful and incredible feeling. Just think about what a great day it'll be when all the people you love the most in the world will be gathered to celebrate your love and this new chapter in your life.

While organizing your wedding is something very exciting, surely you're wondering where to even begin. Planning a wedding is a very big task, and at times it can feel overwhelming, but don't worry, if you go step-by-step you'll be able to handle it all easily.

In this article, we've gathered the essential steps you should take to start planning the wedding of your dreams. Knowing what to do and where to start will give you the confidence you need to enjoy your wedding planning process. Remember that it's a day that'll undoubtedly change your life!

Step by step wedding planning

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Step #1 Dream About the Big Day

The first step to start planning your wedding is to dream, imagine, and visualize how you want it to be.

It's your wedding, so you can imagine all you want! Later on you can formally organize, but it's important that you have an idea of what you want it to look like from the start. How do you imagine it? Where is it? With what type of setting, with what type of food...?

Don't limit yourself in what you picture now, as you can always see a way to make anything you really want for your wedding come true! When you have a wedding planner, they can help make these dreams a reality or give you any alternative options to make sure you have the wedding you want.


Step #2 Decide What is Most Important to You

Now that you've imagined the wedding of your dreams, it's essential that you decide what's most important to you. This will help narrow down the search for vendors and venues for your wedding.

For example, if it's essential for you that your wedding be outdoors, perhaps with an incredible view of the sunset, then you already know what you should look for in a venue, quickly chopping down your list to places that meet your criteria. A venue on the beach could be the best space to make that wish come true.


Step #3 Establish a Budget for Your Wedding

Establishing a budget is one of the first steps when planning your wedding, since practically everything will depend on it: the venue you can rent, the suppliers, the size of your wedding, the type of food, the drinks bar, the amenities, etc.

The budget will also help you decide what you want and what you could do without. In what areas are you willing to splurge a bit more, and in which can you spare to cut costs?

This will also reinforce what criteria from the first steps you've determined as essential for your wedding, since most of your budget will surely go towards them.

Wedding budget

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Step #4 Make Your Guest List

The guest list is an important step because the size of your venue and the budget will depend on it. Not to mention, most vendors will need to know how many guests will be attending your wedding in order to quote you for their services.

So grab your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy a night in with your partner as you go through the process of deciding who to invite to your wedding.


Step #5 Figure Out the Date 

Think of several dates you'd be okay with having your wedding on. Pick a favorite and from there you can start looking for the venue and the suppliers.

It's important that you have a couple of alternate dates in case the venue you want isn't available for your first choice.


Step #6 Start Looking for the Perfect Place for the Wedding of Your Dreams

Having all things above considered, you can start looking for one of the most important pieces in organizing your wedding: the place!

According to what you've deemed essential at your wedding, the established budget, the size of your guest list, and the dates you've selected, you'll be able to search and choose the perfect place where your dreams can come true.

If you want a destination wedding, it's a good idea to take a few days to go and see the possible locations and venues in person. It's certainly worth the time and money that you'll invest in this to have a beautiful and unforgettable celebration.

It's very important that you try to choose a wedding venue that can also offer you some of the other services that you need for the big day: florists, decor, food, music, photography and video, lighting, etc. This will save you a lot of time and stress, as you can organize and hire everything all in one place.

Picturesque wedding venue

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These are the first steps you should take to start planning your wedding. Of course, the choice of suppliers, your bridesmaids, the search for your dress, and many other details will come later. But, the wedding of your dreams begins with these 6 steps that we've listed.


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