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Sangeet: The Hindu Pre-wedding Tradition That Gets Everyone Dancing

Posted by: Velas Weddings
25 Jul
Sangeet Hindu wedding tradition - Velas Weddings Mexico

Hindu weddings are full of fascinating traditions. A traditional wedding lasts several days and in each one of them comes ceremonies, activities, and colorful customs with deep significance. But, without a doubt, one of the favorite traditions is the Sangeet ceremony, an event full of color and music that makes all the guests dance!

What is the Sangeet and how's it celebrated? Here's everything you need to know about this fun Hindu tradition.

Hindu wedding Sangeet - Velas Weddings Mexico


What's the Sangeet Ceremony?

The Sangeet ceremony is the moment when the party truly begins at a Hindu wedding. It's definitely one of the most anticipated and exciting events!

It's known for being an event full of joy for the bride and groom, and is performed as a celebration of this bliss! It's a traditional event dedicated to music and dance.  

Although in the past it was an event specifically for the bride's family, today it's a celebration that brings together both families and their guests, so it's a good opportunity to break the ice and get to know each other.

Traditional Sangeet Hindu Wedding Mexico


How is Sangeet Celebrated?

As we've mentioned, the Sangeet is a Hindu wedding tradition that revolves around music and dance. It's usually held the night before the wedding, and there, friends and family prepare performances for the bride and groom. It's a beautiful moment when everyone gets together and has fun dancing!

The Sangeet can be an event with live music and staged dancing, or it could be a bit more casual, where everyone just gets carried away by the music. Whatever form it takes, the party is always a joyous occasion and a great way to kick off the wedding festivities.

Normally, the ceremony begins with a puja (prayer) for the couple. Afterward, family and friends sing and dance together in honor of the bride and groom. A stage is set up in which everyone dances for them, either alone, in pairs, or in groups. Even the bride and groom perform routines from famous Bollywood movies!

Of course, we must mention the fabulous outfits that everyone brings to the party. Colors, glitters, textures, jewels... it's just amazing!

The evening usually ends with a banquet, which makes it even more enjoyable.

The Sangeet ceremony is a special tradition that makes Hindu weddings unique and unforgettable. If you're planning a Hindu wedding, be sure to include this wonderful event in your plans!

Sangeet ceremony hindu tradition


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