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Rituals and Traditions to Know for Your Jewish Wedding

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03 Jul
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When it comes to wedding rituals and traditions, there are few cultures with a history as rich and varied as that of Judaism.

For centuries, Jews have celebrated weddings with unique customs and traditions that reflect the values ​​of their faith. Many of these ancient rituals and traditions live on today and are still practiced by modern couples about to tie the knot.

If you're planning a Jewish wedding, you'll surely want to familiarize yourself with the different practices that are part of this beautiful culture. For this, we'll go over some of the most popular rituals and traditions of Jewish weddings.


#1 Circling Ceremony

Almost nothing surpasses the importance of the family for the Jewish. It's a bond that's highly cherished and for this reason, is honored during the ceremony.

But how do they do it? During the ceremony, the bride circles around the groom 7 times, referring to the days of the creation of the Earth. With this ritual, the construction of a stable and safe home together is symbolized.


#2 Breaking the Glass

This is perhaps one of the best-known traditions of Jewish weddings. If you've never been to a ceremony like this, surely you've seen it in movies, series, or in the world of literature.

It's a moment that marks a precedent, when the groom breaks the glass, and signifies the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem. This tradition ends with all of the guests hollering "Mazel Tov!" as a way of expressing their good wishes to the bride and groom.


Jewish tradition - Breaking the glass

Image: Amor Amor Weddings


#3 The Veil

In other religions, it's customary for the bride to walk to the altar with the veil covering her face. However, by Jewish tradition, she enters with her face uncovered, and when she arrives with her partner, he'll proceed to cover her with her veil. This is done as a sign of pure appreciation for the divine presence that she carries on this special day. Beyond her physical beauty, it's a mark of the couple's love and trust.


#4 The Tisch

A shared sentiment between different religions is the belief that it's bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding.

This also applies to the Jewish, but with a slightly distinctive twist: two separate receptions are held so that the bride and groom don't see each other. The Tisch is the reception proposed by the groom; this word means "table," so it's common theme to find a spread of food and drink for the guests.


#5 Shiva

There's no time more fun at the wedding than Shiva.

Easily one of the most entertaining rituals during a Jewish wedding, the venue is filled with more food, drink, and lots of dancing! Here, the bride and groom are carried on chairs, which comes from the times when kings were celebrated in a similar fashion.

Jewish traditions - Shiva

Image: Edmonson

There are certainly more Jewish wedding rituals and traditions that you can do on your big day, but these ones tend to be the most common.


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