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Pros of a Winter Beach Wedding

By: Velas Weddings / 03 Oct 2022
Winter Beach Wedding

Winter is a beautiful and cozy time to tie the knot. The air smells of hot chocolate and cider, and the sense of family that's felt around the holidays brings an atmosphere of love and joy.

How about taking all that happiness to a beautiful beach, with a gentle breeze and a whole sunny day ahead? A winter beach wedding can be a stunning event— the sun, the sand, and the waves of the sea combine to create the perfect setting for your big day. 

Not to mention, a winter wedding on the beach has many advantages over getting married at any other time of the year. Here are the main reasons why you should consider getting married in the winter.


Not Too Hot, But Not Too Cold Either

If you get married on a tropical beach, like the beautiful beaches in Mexico, the weather will be just perfect. There won't be the clammy humidity and high temperatures of summer that can make your guests uncomfortable, and it won't be freezing either. 
Mexican beaches in winter practically guarantee you a sunny day with a comfortable warmth and a gentle sea breeze. No suffocating heat, rain, or frost.
So if it's what you're looking for, you can enjoy a completely outdoor wedding. May the sunset and the stars be with you and your partner in this special moment.

Winter beach wedding - Perfect weather

Image: Makenzie Rogers  


Fewer People will Attend, so You'll have More Flexibility

In winter it's more difficult for people to find the time to get to a destination wedding on the beach. The seasonal holidays and the closing of the work year can complicate the agenda.
This means that you'll have fewer guests at your wedding and that you'll have greater flexibility in terms of the venue, type of banquet, and all the preparations before and after the event. It's definitely easier to plan and coordinate everything for a smaller number of people.
Also good to note that, by having fewer attendees, the cost of your wedding will also be lower!

Winter beach wedding - More flexibility

Image: Amor Amor


A Winter Beach Wedding can Save you Money

You may not have known this, but wedding venues and suppliers tend to lower prices during the winter months. This is all because it's considered the low season to get married rather than the spring, summer, and fall months. 
Also, since there are fewer couples getting married then, the best venues and vendors are more likely to be available for your event!

Winter beach wedding - Vendors and suppliers

Image: Makenzie Rogers  


It's the Perfect Time to Show Off your Beautiful Wedding Dress

Of course, your wedding dress will be one of the most important parts of your big day (as well as most likely one of the most expensive things you're going to buy).
If you get married in the winter in a cold place, you'll probably have to wear a coat or accessories to keep you warm. If you get married on the beach in the summer, you might not be able to choose the dress you really want, but instead opt for a lighter one that doesn't suffocate you in the heat. 
But, with the perfect combination of winter and the beach, the weather is just right, not too hot and not too cold, and you can truly rock the wedding dress of your dreams, no matter what it looks like. You don't have to worry about choosing one that suits the weather, you can simply choose the one you love!

Winter beach wedding dress

Image: Amor Amor

You'll Have the Best Wedding Photos

Last but not least, if you get married on the beach in winter, you'll have the best wedding photos!

At this time of year, the setting is beautiful and the lighting is perfect, with a soft sun that creates a diffused light that looks divine in photographs.

Winter beach wedding photos

Image: Amor Amor

A winter beach wedding can be a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of this new chapter of your life. If you're looking for a unique and beautiful setting for your wedding, you've come to the right place.

At Velas Weddings, we're specialists in luxury beach weddings and have incredible venues in the best beach destinations in Mexico. Whether you want to have the fabulous turquoise blue sea of ​​the Caribbean as a backdrop, or celebrate your love among the fascinating landscapes and sunsets of the Mexican Pacific, we have the perfect spot for you to have the wedding you've always wanted!

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