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Organic Wedding at Casa Velas

By: Weddings by Velas / 08 Feb 2019
Organic Wedding at Casa Velas

There's no doubt that everything "organic" is fashionable right now. It's a trend that's not only beautiful but also delivers a wealth of health and benefits to all aspects of life. There's nothing more nourishing than giving the body the natural, fresh products that it needs. The best organic products are produced responsibly, are chemical-free and are obtained directly from the producers.

At Casa Velas, we take organic products to the next level, growing and harvesting many of our ingredients locally and even on-site so you can continue your healthy lifestyle while staying in our luxury resort in Puerto Vallarta.

That's right, the fragrant, fresh ingredients that distinguish the haute cuisine in our restaurant are planted, grown and harvested directly from our own on-site botanical garden.

Our brides enjoy incorporating this as an added feature in their weddings.  


Only Fresh Ingredients

We obtain fresh ingredients from our own harvest that are a fundamental part of the exquisite flavors of our kitchen. For example, at Casa Velas, cilantro is a delicate flavor can be enjoyed in various dishes and also in our signature drinks and margaritas.

Other herbs grown on-site include mint, basil, rosemary, thyme, dill, Jamaica flower and raspberries, among many others. Using these ingredients, we integrate the concept of "organic" to your beach wedding, creating exclusive drinks for you and your guests and conceptualizing savory dishes for your reception.


Organic Spa Treatments

When it comes to organic concepts, we don't stop at simply fresh ingredients for our food, we also give our guests spa treatments with a base of all-natural aroma therapies, aloe vera and other healing plants grown in our garden.

Nourish your body organically inside and out with everything that Mother Nature provides us.

If you want to give this "organic" concept to your wedding, visit us at Velas Weddings! We can make your wishes a reality.


Seasoned Wedding Planners

Bring a boho chic style to the wedding celebration with our expert wedding planners who come with a wealth of ideas and inspiration from years of experience to make your wedding an event to remember.

In Velas Weddings, we're specialists in luxury beach weddings in Mexico and our exclusive Casa Velas resort is the best venue in Puerto Vallarta to celebrate a destination wedding.

Are you ready to start planning the destination wedding you've always wanted? We're here to help. Start by selecting your preferred date below and we'll contact you to begin creating a breathtaking event to remember..

The most spectacular destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta is waiting for you at Velas Weddings!

Your story begins here.

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