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Mexican-themed weddings

By: Weddings by Velas Resorts / 20 Sep 2019
Mexican-themed weddings

Choosing a Mexican-themed wedding is one of the best options if you want to find a joyful way of soaking up the beach atmosphere before, during and after your ceremony.

A beach on its own is gorgeous, and the Mexican style on its own is vibrant and colorful. Combine these with the happiness and meaning of a wedding celebration and you get a truly magical experience.

With regards to making important decisions and plans for your wedding, it´s a good idea for you and your closest guests to stay at the location where your event will take place, saving you a lot of travel time and making the whole celebration more than just a single day event. This will allow you and your significant other to spend more quality time in the perfect scenery with the company of your dearest friends and family, creating far more memories and experiences than a wedding ceremony alone can generate.

Velas Vallarta is one of Mexico's top hotels, favored by celebrities and the international jet set alike. It's the perfect location to host your dream Mexican-themed wedding.

The expert wedding planners at Velas Vallarta are masters when it comes to working with brides and grooms to create the perfect style for their wedding. Once you decide on a Mexican-themed wedding, an array of opportunities will be presented to you.

Mexican-themed weddings can be customized to your personality since there are so many different traditions and styles at your disposal. They can be vibrant and colorful, sophisticated, elegant and everything in between.

Which one suits you the best?


Mexican Luxury

Mexican culture is exquisite and rich. When you choose a Mexican-themed wedding, you can also mix things up by incorporating more classical and elegant aspects of Mexico´s culture.

You could start off by choosing a jade-green and turquoise color palette, the traditional colors for many ancient indigenous tribes. You can then accentuate this style by incorporating an ensemble of flowers, embroidery and historical pieces. There are many traditional Mexican flowers that are perfect for centerpieces. Another option could be combining color-neutral flowers accentuated by recreations of famous ancient Mexican sculptures and art such as the Aztec Calendar, Guachimontones pyramids, colossal Olmec heads and so on.

It will truly be a party worthy of The Met Gala.


The Day of the Dead

With the 2nd of November around the corner, choosing the Day of the Dead as part of your wedding theme will be a fun way of enhancing your event with majestic decorations and hundreds of years worth of history.

The Day of the Dead carries many colorful traditions and decorations that can liven up the night and take you and your guests to a magical place.


Mexican Carnival

If you want a more cheerful vibe, Mexican carnival theme is the perfect option for you.

Mexican carnivals are famous for their wide-ranging gastronomic options. You can have a fair-styled wedding where the food, decorations, and ambiance create an effervescent energy that satisfies everyone's palate.

It's always recommended that you spend time working with a wedding planner to create the perfect carnival for you and your guests.

You now have an endless amount of options to choose from for tasty delights, such as espiropapas, tacos, garrafa ice-cream, churros, guasanas, buttered peanuts, papas locas, aguas frescas, and the list goes on and on. You'll have a blast during your menu-tasting visit alone, which will give you a great sense of the celebration that's to come.

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