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Mayan Weddings

By: Weddings by Velas / 07 Sep 2018
A Mayan Wedding Ceremony at Velas Resorts
When soulmates meet, it is fitting their union ceremony includes the blessings of the four elements - earth, wind, fire and water. A Mayan wedding ceremony in the Mexican Caribbean does just that while paying tribute to the area’s rich pre-Hispanic roots. Velas Resorts sets the perfect stage. Surrounded by lush jungles, gorgeous white sand beaches and crystalline waters, your special ceremony will be blessed with centuries of spiritual history.

The Location - For an authentic Mayan wedding ritual, choose from two exquisite locations. One is immersed in the magnificent jungle next to a naturally formed cenote. The second, perched on the edge of a white sand beach with sparkling turquoise water lapping at the shore.

The Ceremony - The shaman chooses the precise moment for the ceremony, to ensure positive energies and blessing of the gods. He will draw a circle on the ground and invite the bride and groom to step within the circle. They will exchange vows, rings and special objects reflective of them, after which copal incense will be burned to purify the union, accompanied by traditional songs, flutes and drums.

The Offering - After the ceremony concludes, the bride and groom will offer gifts to the four elements, including corn (the symbol of beginning of life together) and cocoa (the symbol of wealth and prosperity).

The Banquet - Family and friends will share in a traditional Mayan feast, including typical Yucatecan food like chicken, beef and pork tamales; stuffed cheese, marinated turkey, cochinita pibil; Poc Chuc, grilled pork marinated in orange juice; and pozol, a local drink made with corn and cocoa.

Discover more about the rituals included with a spiritual wedding in Riviera Maya. Our experienced wedding planners are ready to help infuse the start of your journey together with all the elements of this centuries-old tradition.
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