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How to Dress for a Destination Beach Wedding

By: Weddings by Velas / 13 Dec 2018
How to Dress for a Destination Beach Wedding
Destination beach weddings will never go out of style. After all, who doesn't want to be married in a gorgeous natural paradise, savoring a tropical climate with breathtaking backdrops behind every photo and a tangible sense of love and gratitude in the air?
Whether it's your wedding day or you're an integral part of the wedding party, you're probably starting to wonder, What should I wear to a beach wedding? You're in luck, our wedding planners at Velas Weddings have weighed in on the best dresses and formal attire for beach weddings in Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta or Cancun!

Wedding Dresses for the Beach

The most important outfit in any wedding is the wedding dress! Before you begin wedding dress shopping, you'll want to be sure about the location and time of day for your wedding so you can be prepared for the heat that the day may bring or the chill of the breeze coming in off of a moonlit ocean.
If your wedding is during the day and outdoors, we recommend a fresh wedding dress with light, breezy fabrics. On the other hand, if you're planning an evening wedding or inside a building close to the beach, your dress can be more elaborate with rhinestones, lace and heavier fabrics.

A Tux or White Linen?

The groom always has it easier than the bride when choosing beach wedding attire. If you want a more formal destination weddings on the beach, the best option is a suit in light colors like beige, a soft gray in a very soft tone or even pastel blue. It can be with a tie in a light tone like salmon, or without a tie for a more casual look. Also many beach weddings have the groom and groomsmen wearing the suit but with only a vest in place of a heavier jacket.
If you prefer a breezy beach wedding vibe that is more laid back and barefoot luxury, we recommend a monochrome white linen shirts and tan pants with a pop of color in the tie or boutonniere.

Beach Dresses for Bridesmaids

The same rules apply for bridesmaids dresses at the beach as do for brides, but what about colors? We've seen so many creative colors at our luxury beach weddings, but we love the classic beach colors like coral, turquoise, lavender and rosewood that look subtle and elegant.
Wedding Guests Outfits

Wedding Guests Outfits

Unless there is a special dress code for the guests at the beach wedding, breezy clothes in neutral and light colors are recommended.
Women attendees can opt for a long or a short beach dress with breathable fabrics. For men, linens are simply dashing or, if the bride and groom permit, exchange the pants for casual shorts (especially if it's an outdoor wedding during the day).
Shoes at a beach wedding can also be more relaxed than in city weddings. Obviously it will be hard to maneuver the sand in heels, so we recommend sandals for women and a sandal or moccasin-type shoe for the men.
If you're planning a beach destination wedding, share these ideas with your loved ones and attendees so they won't have any issues choosing the ideal outfit for your unforgettable wedding. For everything else, let our luxury wedding planners at Velas Weddings help you get started. Our exclusive Velas Resorts are situated on the most picturesque beaches in Mexico. Locations that are ideal for luxury, tailor-made weddings where every detail is perfectly taken care of.
Our luxury wedding planners are certified in South Asian, Jewish and LGBT ceremonies, among others. Begin planning your destination beach wedding with Velas Resorts by reserving your preferred date below to check the availability.
The beach wedding you've always dreamed of can be a reality with Velas Weddings!
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