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How to Be the Perfect Bridesmaid

By: Weddings by Velas Resorts / 12 Dec 2019
How to Be the Perfect Bridesmaid

When you're asked to be a bridesmaid, it's the highest compliment. It means that the bride sees you as a true friend, the ultimate sidekick, one of the small list of people with whom she wants to spend her most important day. 

Accepting this invitation is not only a wonderful response of a loyal friend, but it's also a role with many important tasks to assist the bride. If you've been chosen as a bridesmaid, our wedding planners at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit have gathered a list of tips for you so that you will be the best bridesmaid, providing all the love and support needed on and before the wedding day. 



Organize an Unforgettable Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette party typically falls in the hands of the bridesmaids. As time before the wedding tends to fly, we recommend getting together early to plan the best ideas based on the personality of the bride. Organize the bachelorette party to fit her unique taste and style. The idea here is to spoil the bride with everything she loves so that you can deliver a memorable party that she'll never forget. 


tips for the best bridesmaids


Stay Stress-Free

For some brides, organizing a wedding can be a stressful event, so make sure that you're not adding any complications to her plans. Your goal is to stay positive about the bride's choices (as it is her day) and to help come up with quick solutions for any last minute changes to the plan. 


keep the bride stree-free


Be Unconditionally Supportive

This is KEY. Remember that the bride will need your support throughout the organization process. Listen to her and help her find solutions. Help her relax and be confident in her wedding choices. 

She will most likely ask you to accompany her as she chooses a wedding dress, as she sends invitations, and as she selects destinations and services for her wedding. Be the person that listens and that she can talk to when she cannot decide. You are her bridesmaid, her confidant and one of her best friends, she will need you at all times. 


Prepare an Emergency Kit

Our best recommendation is to prepare an emergency kit with everything the bride could need. This way, you can be sure to fix any last minute wedding issues. 

Things to consider packing are safety pins and dress tape, basic medicines, sunscreen, tweezers, tissues, a pair of flats, nail polish to touch up, mascara and an extra set of small things in case she forgets something. The best way to reduce stress for the bride is to plan for anything!



Bridesmaids duties getting ready


Getting Ready

There can never be enough hands ready to help on the wedding day. We recommend arriving earlier than normal in order to be available to assist with the getting ready process. 

Although the bride's mother will likely be the one helping the most, the bride will appreciate your assistance and opinions as well. She will most likely be nervous and your presence will be a great help. 


how to be the perfect bridesmaid

These tips for being the perfect bridesmaid will help your best friend enjoy the process of wedding planning - with great companions by her side. If the bride is looking for a breathtaking beach destination for her wedding, our luxury resort at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit delivers dreamlike venues across our expansive property to host a beach wedding unlike any other. 
Check the availability of your wedding date below and our luxury wedding planner will help your friend design the wedding of her dreams in the most beautiful Mexican beaches in Riviera Nayarit. 

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