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Hindu Weddings: Spectacular Celebrations

By: Wedding by Velas Resorts / 17 Jul 2019
Hindu Weddings: Spectacular Celebrations

Hindu weddings are celebrations full of color, luxury and splendor; for this culture, when two people join in matrimony, two families come together.

The ancient rituals that have passed from generation to generation make these, without a doubt, weddings to remember.


How is a Hindu wedding celebrated?

 The ritual begins when the couple and their families visit the Brahmin, a priest who gives the go-ahead to the union, and there they choose the date and time of the wedding, according to the position of the stars.

 The day before the wedding, they celebrate the Barat, where the groom and his family perform a procession on horseback to the house of his future wife, to demonstrate the respect and future union that will occur between the two families.

 One of the most striking elements of Hindu weddings is the attire of the bride and groom. Traditionally, she wears a Sari, a red dress with gold ornaments and numerous jewels that highlight luxury and complement her trousseau, although it is not surprising to see her in different outfits during the celebration.

 The women of the family paint their hands and feet with henna and create beautiful symbols that include the groom's initials. For his part, the groom wears a suit full of colorful embroidery.

Samskara or sacred trust between the couple is the rite where the wedding takes place, officiated by the Brahmin in Sanskrit. The guests sit around an altar with fire and celebrate the Homa, an offering to the fire. They continue with the Panigrahena, a bond of union of the couple, and finally the Satapadi, where the couple walks around the sacred fire seven times. Once the three rituals are completed, they read sacred texts and sing mantras to invoke blessings to the couple.

To end the ceremony, the groom ties a necklace of flowers on his wife's neck as a sign of acceptance and drops red powder on her hair, indicating that she is a married woman. The guests throw rice over them, symbolizing prosperity in their marriage.

 A spectacular example of these exclusive celebrations was the wedding of Priya and Pavan, where at Grand Velas Los Cabos the bride and groom allowed us to organize and be part of one of the most majestic unions we have ever seen. Relive these timeless memories with us:

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