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Great Ways to Keep Guests Cool at Your Beach Wedding

By: Velas Weddings / 19 Sep 2022
Beach wedding guests

An integral part of planning any wedding is considering the comfort of the guests. This is especially important if we're talking about a beach wedding, since the warm environment isn't something everyone's used to on a daily basis.

Not everyone gets the luxury of attending a beach wedding, so it'd be nice to treat your guests and make them feel as fresh as possible on your big day! 

Controlling the weather and temperature on your wedding day is impossible, but controlling everyone's comfort, no matter the circumstances, is something you can easily do. Here are some ideas to ensure that your guests are cool and comfortable, and remember your wedding for a lifetime.


Keep Your Ceremony Short and Sweet 

Honestly, long ceremonies tend to be somewhat boring anyways. If we add to this the fact that it's outdoors in the warm and sweaty heat, the moments tend to drag on for the guests.

The best suggestion we can give is to keep the service to a comfortable time length, which actually isn't that hard to do seeing as any readings and vows usually don't take too long. It's nice to have a short and sweet ceremony that everyone can enjoy. 

Beach wedding ceremony

Image: Jorge Mercado


Hand Out Parasols and Fans

A good way to keep your guests cooler during the ceremony is by giving them some sort of protection to cover themselves from the sun.

Fans are also a great option and, if your wedding is small, you can personalize them by engraving each with the name of a guest, so it'll be a gift they can use during the event and then take home!

Beach wedding fans

Image: Martha Stewart


Offer Refreshing Face Towels

If the weather is going to be quite hot on your big day, you can also help your guests stay cool by offering cooling towels to blot their face or wipe their hands on.

Ask your organizers to have them ready for the hottest part of the event, which is usually during the ceremony.

Refreshing ice cold towels wedding

Image: HGTV


Offer Ice-Cold Beer in a Fun Way

The beach and beer are a perfect match, so you can surprise your guests by having a decorative element that doubles as a pool full of them!

Since it's a beach wedding, a wooden canoe can add a fun touch to your décor while also being a great way to store some ice and your favorite type of beer. That way guests can simply go up and their ice-cold drink will be ready waiting for them! 

You can also install refreshing drink stations such as lemonades, fruit-infused waters, and iced tea so that your guests stay hydrated at all times.

Beer canoe wedding

Image: Wedding Wire


Set up Bug Spray Stations

Getting married on the beach, or anywhere outdoors, can bring in unwanted guests like mosquitoes and other bugs.

To make sure your guests don't suffer from any bites, you can make special stations with bug spray. With this, all of your friends and family can enjoy the wedding without having to fight off any insect!

Bug Spray Station Wedding

Image: Davie and Chiyo


Set Up a Popsicle Cart

Just imagine it now, a colorful and cute popsicle cart strolling around your guests! Not only will it give them a delicious snack to enjoy, but it'll be the perfect way to keep them fresh and happy.

It's definitely a fun way to pamper everyone at the event!

Ice popsicle cart wedding

Image: Brit + Co

We hope you found some great ideas to keep your guests comfortable and cool while they celebrate the start of this beautiful chapter in your life. And if you're looking to have your wedding on the beach, you've come to the right place!

At Velas Weddings, we're specialists in luxury beach celebrations. Our resorts are located in the top destinations in the Mexican Caribbean and Pacific, and we have beautiful outdoor venues, ballrooms, and several other different spaces to make the wedding of your dreams come true.

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