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Day of the Dead: 5 Ideas for Your Mexican Wedding Reception

By: Weddings by Velas Resorts / 09 Sep 2019
Day of the Dead: 5 Ideas for Your Mexican Wedding Reception

If you want to bring the magic of Mexican traditions to your wedding, what better way than with a theme full of color and life such as the Day of the Dead.

Thanks to the film Coco, the world has seen a glimpse of what the Day of the Dead means to Mexicans, and the grandeur that's involved in all the traditional decorations. Before Coco, many who were not well informed about the Day of the Dead believed that death was actually celebrated, when in truth it is a celebration of life.

Day of the Dead can fill your wedding with freshness, traditions, life, and of course, a touch of magic.

If you would like to use this theme for your wedding, it can be done luxuriously and elegantly, or in an eclectic and relaxed way. The good thing about the Day of the Dead is that it can be carried out in different ways. It can merge with your own styles and taste, creating your perfect wedding.

Here are 5 ideas you'll want to check out.


1.     Gothic and elegant


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 If you would like a gothic and elegant style, Day of the Dead can work great with the decorations and even the wedding gown. You can opt for a darker color palette and choose two or three colors to work with.

 As Kat Von D has taught us, Goth is a style that can look phenomenal, stylish, and elegant when done right.

 The Day of the Dead has many symbolic representations that can be used for this theme such as skeletons, skulls, and graves.


2.     Vibrant and cheerful


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On the other hand, if you want your special day to be filled with color and life, you can choose a Caribbean style color palette to establish the tone of the theme.

The Day of the Dead can be exemplified in various styles; gothic and elegant, or vibrant and cheerful. The symbols surrounding the Day of the Dead can also be styled to look fresh and friendly, like with skeletons and skulls. An expert can also help you tone your wedding to a friendlier side.


3.     Elegant Chic

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Imagine a dashing somber color palette that blends with vibrant tones, and creates a spectacle of visual stimulation that brings magic to the night, resembling fireworks on a dark sky.

 An elegant Day of the Dead theme can accentuate a night wedding since the two complement each other's color palettes.


4.     Cheerful traditions


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If you're a Disney fan and would prefer a cheerful Coco-inspired style, it can be done as well.

The magic rests in the traditional cempasuchil flowers, that have vibrant orange color petals and a musky, earthy smell. These are the traditional Day of the Dead flowers.

You can have the full-blown Coco experience with alebrije statues, paper decorations, traditional food such as mole, enchiladas, tacos, and of course, a lot of tequila.


5.     A touch of life from Day of the Dead

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You don't have to go all out for Day of the Dead. You can have a beach theme wedding and add a few touches of Day of the Dead as well.

Maybe have your bridesmaids dress as Catrinas and a few small decorations on the tables.

If you really want some more livelier colors, you can have your flower bouquet made of cempasuchil, red roses, and gerbera flowers.

Overall, choosing the Day of the Dead as your wedding theme, is an extraordinary style to create an atmosphere worthy of celebration, and above all, love. 

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