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Creative ideas for photo sessions with your bridesmaids

By: Weddings by Velas Resorts / 19 Aug 2019
Creative ideas for photo sessions with your bridesmaids

Your wedding is a unique and unrepeatable event. You will want to treasure every detail in your memory, and what better way than by photographing each moment of this special day to cherish it for a lifetime.

 The bridesmaids are usually sisters, sisters-in-law and best friends; those people in whom the bride places her trust and who she wishes to remain by her side during the event.

 In addition to the photo sessions as a couple and with the family, your bridesmaids deserve their special time, where you can have fun together and show the connection that exists between you, while the photography team captures every moment.

 Here are some photo ideas to organize a session where fun will be all around.


The day before the big event

Organize a bachelorette party before the event. You can relax in a spa,  a private pool or Jacuzzi that allows you to have fun and let go of your pre-wedding jitters.  

We suggest you wear bachelorette-themed attire and fun accessories for the special moment. We assure you that the photos will make you all remember how incredible you spent this time together.


Getting ready

Invite your bridesmaids to be part of your pre-wedding grooming ritual. You can suggest that they get their hair and makeup done in the same room where you'll be, this way you can make sure they will all be ready on time.

To make the moment special, you can give them custom gowns or slippers; this will be a beautiful gift that will make them feel like VIP guests.


Relaxing before the ceremony

Beautiful and radiant, the only thing left will be putting on the lustrous dresses. Take advantage of the time before starting the formal session to relax, take photos and talk about the excitement of the moment you are about to live.

A bottle of champagne can also be a great way of cooling down the nerves, and the best way of toasting to your happiness!


All ready!

 The thrill in full bloom! Seeing you dressed in all white and your bridesmaids in their sumptuous dresses, will get everyone get excited and be in the best tune for photographers to capture the best photos.

 You can mix traditional poses with spontaneous moments, where their complicity and happiness are embodied for posterity. It allows the personality of each of them to be reflected in each image.


Special photos


Whether is your sister or your best friend, there are very special beings in your life and you will surely want to capture special moments with this person. These are usually very relaxed and reflect the close relationship that exists between you. Don't forget to set aside time for these images.

It is important that during the planning stages of the wedding, you get together with the photographers and express your wishes for each particular photograph. They will help you plan for a successful photo session. 

You must consider hiring professional photographers, with an extensive track record to cover every moment and capture the magic that you and your guests will live.

 Let our team of Wedding Planners take care of organizing every detail. When they work together with the photography team, they can suggest the best locations within our various resorts, so that your wedding photos are spectacular.

 At Casa Velas, we have incredible landscapes, breath-taking gardens, and the best facilities to make your photo-shoot a success. Trust the wedding experts.

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