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Boho Chic Wedding in Riviera Maya

By: Weddings by Velas / 18 Apr 2019
Boho Chic Wedding in Riviera Maya

Bojo chic weddings offer a unique release from the confines of the traditional, and let everyone involved experience the natural freedom of expression and personality that is, oh, so alluring. Additionally, every corner of Riviera Maya reveals jaw-dropping venues and outdoor areas that will reflect the unique personality and style of the couple. At Velas Weddings, we help you highlight your unique style to create the Boho Chic beachfront wedding you've been dreaming of.


What is Boho Chic?


If you're reading this, you've seen Boho Chic mentioned in a blog or wedding site - it's fashionable because it's an irresistible option for the unconventional couple who're looking to break the mold. The meaning of Boho Chic comes from combining the words "Bohemian" and "Chic" (French for "elegance") to create a conceptualization of romance and freedom.

The style is inspired by all things authentic and vintage. It accentuates the unique and natural style of the couple. Perfect for intimate and relaxed experiences.




The Boho Chic Bride & Groom


The boho chic bride's look is based on natural elements and flow. To get this look, opt for a comfortable and simple dress with lace and textures. Show off your natural beauty with a braid, or loose, wavy hair. Add a wreath of flowers for a touch of romance.

A boho groom? Forget the conventional suit for the groom. This wedding style revolves around a comfortable and relaxed vibe, so the groom will be best suited in a simple, unbuttoned shirt, relaxed pants or khakis and an accessory that expresses his personality such as suspenders, a bow tie or a fedora hat.




What elements characterize the boho chic wedding?


"Natural" and "free" are keywords that should inspire the style of your boho chic wedding. Outdoor settings, like a beach or the Mayan jungle in Riviera Maya, are ideal for creating a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. For the wedding reception, choose a family-style dinner with long tables for an intimate occasion, or, for a whimsical touch, you can opt for a fun food truck.






The Boho Chic Wedding Décor

Without a doubt, the décor is where the uniqueness of the bride and groom will shine. At Velas Weddings, we'll help you create fantasy settings by day, with natural floral arrangements, or by night, using string lights and candles. Cushions, throw pillows and blankets on the ground help create cozy and comfortable spaces. Add your personality with textures and colors.

Wildflowers are essential to add the bohemian touch you are looking for. Consider adding wild flowers everywhere.


Your Boho Chic Wedding in Riviera Maya

At Velas Weddings, we offer spectacular outdoor spaces perfect for beach weddings in Mexico. Our luxury Wedding Planners are certified in South Asian, Jewish, LGBT ceremonies, and much more. Organizing a beach wedding in Cancun has never been simpler.

Start planning the boho chic beach wedding of your dreams, just select your date below and we'll ensure that every detail is attended to.

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