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7 Things to Do the Morning of Your Wedding

Posted by: Velas Weddings
24 Oct
Bride wedding morning

There's no doubt that your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. It's a full day dedicated to celebrating your and your partner's love while surrounded by your closest friends and family!

When the big day finally arrives, thousands of things will happen, and with them comes every emotion in the book! However you feel, the morning of your wedding is the perfect moment to start your day on the right foot and make sure it's just as special as you imagined it to be.

Here are some of the best things you can do in those hours before saying "I do."

Bride enjoying her wedding morning

Image: Kape Photography


#1 Go For a Walk

The best thing you can do on your wedding day is to start it off with some light exercise. This'll help you clear your mind, wake up your whole body, and put you in a good mood.

Take a walk to somewhere nice and close. You can do it alone to reflect and relax your mind, or invite your parents, siblings, or one of your ladies for a group walk!


#2 Exchange Love Letters with your Partner

Normally, on your wedding day you won't see your partner until the time of the ceremony. But that doesn't mean you guys can't have any contact! An excellent idea is to exchange love letters the night before, which you can both read the next morning. Writing some beautifully sincere words is perfect to remind you both of how much you love and admire each other, and just why you can't wait to get married.

It'll be a beautiful moment that you and your partner can both enjoy before the wedding, not to mention that those letters can serve as a keepsake and will stay with you forever.


#3 Go Swimming

If your wedding is in the summer or in a tropical destination, taking a dip before you get married is one of the best ways to de-stress! Whether in a pool or in the sea, swimming in fresh water can make your worries disappear.

Bride and bridesmaids wedding morning

Image: Kape Photography


#4 Get a Yoga or Meditation Session in

We all know that yoga and meditation are one of the best practices to relax and to create a balanced connection between body, mind, and spirit.

Ease your pre-wedding jitters with a soothing yoga or meditation session. And you can invite your best friend to make the moment even more special!


#5 Pamper Yourself to a Spa

Of course, on your wedding day you'll want to set aside enough time for your hair and makeup, but the morning is also a good time to pamper yourself!

Escape to the spa for a relaxing massage or do a hydrotherapy circuit. You'll feel brand new when you walk out of there and you'll be more than ready to start getting ready.

However, we want to emphasize that you shouldn't do any facials on the day of your wedding! You never know if your skin will have an adverse reaction to a product, so it's better that for the days leading up to the event (at least 2 weeks) you don't do any type of treatment on your face.


#6 Pop a Bottle of Champagne with Your Bridesmaids

A fun way to start the celebration on your wedding day is by sharing a bottle of champagne with your bridesmaids!

Give yourselves a couple of hours before you start getting ready and have a glass of champagne while you chat and laugh about all the fun times you've had together. There's no better way to get rid of nerves and stress!

Champagne bride and bridesmaids

Image: Ether & Smith


#7 Take Some Alone Time

While you'll of course spend the morning of your wedding surrounded by loved ones, it's also important to give yourself some time alone. You're about to begin a new chapter in your life and nothing will ever be the same as when you were single. So give yourself some space to be by yourself, reflect, and let the future that awaits you and the love of your life sink in.

If you wish, you can carry a notebook with you to write down everything that goes through your head. Some time later it'll be nice to return to read what you poured from your heart a few hours before getting married.

After enjoying a morning doing some of these relaxing and fun activities, you'll be more than ready to continue enjoying the rest of the day, your big day, your wedding day!

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