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7 Original Ways to Include "Something Blue" in Your Wedding

By: Velas Weddings / 07 Sep 2022
Something Blue Wedding Ideas

As they say, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." 

The "something blue" is a tradition that's still practiced today by brides all over the world. While "something old" and "something new" are usually easy to find, their color counterpart can be a bit trickier.

If you're looking for some original ways to include the color blue in your wedding, here are some good ideas! From your bridal bouquet and decorations to the drinks you serve, there's always a way to add a touch of blue to your big day.


#1 "Something Blue" in Your Wedding Decor

One of the easiest ways to incorporate the color blue into your wedding is with decorations! You can add a splash with some simple blue vases or centerpieces, as well as the tablecloths, the signs and cards, or even the lighting with candles or hanging spotlights.

Blue Wedding Decor

Image: Wedding Forward


#2 Blue Drinks!

How about offering some delicious cocktails with a blue touch to refresh everyone? It could be a blackberry mojito, or you and your partner can get creative and invent your own cocktail.

You could also offer non-alcoholic drinks of the same color, like a delicious lemonade made with blue spirulina.

Blue Wedding Drinks

Image: Delish


#3 A Cool Touch to the Cake or Dessert Table

While we're on the subject of refreshments, the cake or dessert table's a fun way to include "something blue" in your wedding.

Your cake doesn't have to be completely blue, but it could have a few strokes of the color. As for the dessert table, you could request that there be cupcakes or cookies with blue coating, jellies, and chocolates covered with blue candy!

Blue Wedding Cake

Image: Bridal Musings


#4 Blue Jewelry

A discreet and elegant way to wear "something blue" is in your jewelry. Your earrings could be this color or just have a few small, simple touches of it. Another option is to choose a necklace with some stunning blue stones.

Blue's a color that works well with all skin tones, so rest assured that your face and neck will look fabulous with this tone.

Blue Bridal Jewelry

Image: Crealandia


#5 Blue in Your Shoes

What if you wear blue shoes? It's definitely a fun way to include the color in your bridal outfit!

Shoes are a pretty important accessory in your wedding, and wearing bright blue ones can give a unique touch to your final look. The contrast of the white of your dress with some beautiful blue heels will catch everyone's attention, while also having the whole outfit look great in photos!

Blue Wedding Shoes - Beach Wedding

Image: Amor Amor


# 6 Blue Flowers in Your Bouquet

The traditional colors for the bridal bouquet are usually white mixed with pale pink and neutral tones. If you add blue flowers like hydrangeas, dahlias, tulips, or even orchids, your bouquet will be sure to pop.

Blue flowers bridal bouquet

Image: Amor Amor


#7 Blue Details in Favors for Your Guests

If you plan to give party favors to your guests, then it's in these that you could add small accents of blue.

You may choose blue gift boxes, or simply tie a blue ribbon around the gift. Subtle and elegant.

Blue Wedding Guests Favors

Image: Bath by Terra


Bonus: As a Backdrop - the Beautiful Blue Sea!

How about having the most beautiful shades of blue as the backdrop to your wedding? Nothing compares to the colors of nature, and the beautiful blues of the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean are incomparable.

Blue Ocean Beach Wedding

Image: DreamArt


You can have a dream wedding on the beach with a view of the blue sea! At Velas Weddings, we're here to help you make it a reality.

We're specialists in luxury beach weddings and have incredible venues located on the best beaches in Mexico, such as Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and the Riviera Maya.

Come learn more about everything we have to offer and find the best inspiration for your wedding on our social media.

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