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6 Tips to Make the Perfect Wedding Website

By: Velas Weddings / 14 Jul 2022
Wedding website

The Internet's a helpful place to help connect and organize any sort of event, and weddings are no exception!

If you're about to get married and want to build an exclusive website to showcase all of the details of your big day, you've come to the right place.

At Velas Weddings, we've compiled the top tips so you can create the perfect website for the wedding of your dreams.


Why Create a Wedding Website?

A wedding page has multiple functions, being both the invitation as well as providing essential information for your guests, such as the location of the event, dress code, and gift table. If you're going to have a destination wedding, it's especially important to create a website where you can also put trip details, accommodation, recommendations, travel tips, etc.

But, beyond its informative purpose, your wedding website can be a beautiful memory that will remain online forever and that you can easily share or come back to yourself.

If you want to make a beautiful and functional wedding website, here are 6 tips you should keep in mind!

Tips for your wedding website

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#1 Choose the Best Platform

If you've decided to make your website on your own, consider choosing simple and practical web development platforms, with pre-existing templates for your event.

Platforms like Wix,, Zankyou, or Webador have predefined designs and colors made specifically for weddings!

Without a doubt, this'll make your experience of creating your own site easier and, above all, faster. You'll practically only have to worry about adding the details of your big day.


#2 Create a Classy Design

As we mentioned before, there are many platforms with special pre-existing themes, however, there's the option to customize your site and tailor it specifically to you.

We recommend choosing colors similar to those you'll have at your wedding. Ideally, select a main color (the most striking) and a couple of base colors (some lighter, complementary shades). As an example, you can choose the background to be a base color and the buttons to be your main color. This'll make it elegant while reflecting the style of your big day!


#3 Share Your Love Story

Lately, many couples have chosen to add a very special detail to their websites: the story of their love and their commitment!

Go over the beautiful moments you've lived with your guests, sharing with them from the heart how everything happened to lead to this moment. It's a small detail that really helps to immerse and excite everyone you've invited.

This story can be placed on the front page of the website along with some photos, and you'll see that it's a very special touch that your family and friends will cherish.


#4 Display All the Wedding Details

After you've set up the main page of your website, it's important that you create a specific section with all the details of your wedding. If your celebration is going to have several events or activities, everything must be well specified to ensure everyone is in the know.

The amazing thing about creating your own website is that you can include photos, videos, online maps, and all sorts of other resources and tools to showcase different aspects of your wedding.

Don't forget to include schedules and additional information, such as dress codes for each activity (if any), as well as references.


#5 Confirm Guest Attendance

Within the details section, you can include a registration form to confirm your guests.

Without a doubt, this option is very functional, and is the easiest way to keep track of who'll be attending your wedding!


#6 Include Your Best Memories and Stories!

After you've worked on the invitation and all the details of your wedding, it's a fun touch to include a section with the best stories and memories with your partner.

You can create albums with photos and videos from your time together. You can also update this section later with photos and videos of your wedding. It's going to be an amazing digital album!


Your Wedding in a Website

After including each of these details on your own website, you'll have a permanent memory of your wedding that's always available to enjoy and share with your loved ones.

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