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5 Mistakes You Are Making in Your Wedding Planning

By: Velas Weddings / 03 Apr 2022
Mistakes while planning your wedding

Are you at that incredible time in life of planning your wedding? Congratulations! Although organizing such an important day can have its hurdles, it's an experience that you're lucky to have, so enjoy it to the fullest.

To make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible, avoid these 5 common mistakes that couples make when planning their wedding.


#1 Not Setting a Budget

The first thing you and your partner need to do is set the budget for your wedding.

We understand that the excitement of the moment can cause you to get a bit carried away, and perhaps start committing to things before finalizing your finances. This is a bad start because it makes it more difficult when you find something you truly want later on.

It's highly recommended that the first thing you do is calculate and establish an overall figure for the wedding expenses. With this, you can discuss your priorities and see how much money you want to spend on each aspect of the celebration.


#2 Not Making the Guest List From the Beginning

There are a variety of reasons as to why determining your guest list should be one of the first things you do.

This list, however long, will affect almost every aspect of the wedding. From the venue and the reception, to even the decoration and the photographer. 

You need to know how many guests will attend as it limits where you can throw the celebration. Will a small terrace be enough, or do you need something larger like a banquet hall?

Likewise, all suppliers will need to know this number to give you an accurate estimate for their products and services.

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#3 Worrying Too Much About What Others Want

Once all your family and friends know you're getting married, their "suggestions" will start to get to you. Everyone has an opinion, preference, or even a requirement for your big day.

Before listening to any of their comments, think about what you and your partner really want. Focus on you, your wishes, and how you see your beautiful moment happening. If you pay too much attention to what others tell you from the beginning, you'll end up with a wedding that doesn't reflect you.

This doesn't mean that they can't give you advice or that you can't consult your friends about your questions. All of this is welcome, just don't make decisions due to pressure from someone else.


#4 Not Making Photography and Video a Priority

This is one of the mistakes that you could most regret. The photos and videos taken on your wedding day become tangible memories to look back on for the rest of your lives.

Many couples decide to cut costs in this area, but later regret it. The wedding day flies by in the blink of an eye. Having some good photos and videos in which, years later, you can relive being dressed up as the bride and groom, hear your joyful voices, and remember how happy you both were, is something invaluable. Don't skimp on this expense; make it a priority.

Mistakes to avoid while planning your wedding - Velas Resorts Luxury Weddings Mexico

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#5 Doubt your Choices

Once you've made decisions, don't second-guess them! Comparing your plans with what you see on social media will only stress you out, and make you rethink plans already set or suppliers already hired. Big mistake.

Look for all of the inspiration you want before closing deals, but once decisions are made, stop searching. Trust yourself and the choices you make.


Planning your own wedding can be a lot of pressure. There are so many factors that you must consider so that the day is perfect. For this, it's easier to leave everything in the hands of the experts. 

At Velas Resorts, we are specialists in luxury beach weddings. Our planners will make every dream come true, paying attention to every minute detail to create a unique celebration for you. You won't have to worry about a thing!

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