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5 Fun Ways to Ask Your Friends to Be Your Bridesmaids

By: Velas Weddings / 23 May 2022
Creative ideas to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids.

You're engaged, congrats! A season full of emotions, planning, and decisions is around the corner, and what better than having your favorite girls beside you. Yes, all your sisters, cousins, ​​and friends who know you better than anyone and have always been with you!

It's time to ask them to be your bridesmaids and if you're looking for a fun way to do so, then read on.

Creative proposals don't have to be expensive, but if it's within your means, it's a good idea to set aside a small budget for this. Think of how all your girls will put their everything into helping you on your big day, so what better than saying thank you from the beginning with a memorable proposal?


#1 Invite Them to a Girls' Day

One of the best ways to ask those special people in your life to be your bridesmaids is to invite them to a girls' day. You can ask them to brunch, have a picnic in the woods, plan an afternoon at the spa, or even treat them to a lovely poolside excursion to a nearby hotel with day passes. The idea is to pamper them for an afternoon and, at some point, propose a toast and ask them the long-awaited question: will you be my bridesmaids?

This plan is a fun way to start this adventure together!

Fun ways to ask your bridesmaids

Image: photo by julieta


#2 Tell Them Through Photos

Find your favorite photos with each girl and put together a custom collage! We all love photos, and even more so when they reflect how much fun we've had with the people we love the most.

Frame the collage and give one to each girl, with the big question written on the back. Rest assured that everyone will love the gesture, plus the fact it's a present they can keep for a lifetime.


Bridesmaid ideas

Image: @kapephotography


#3 Take Them for Coffee With a Hidden Message

If your bridesmaids-to-be are caffeine addicts, invite each one out for coffee somewhere nice. The fun part comes in when you bring a mug with the question "Do you want to be my bridesmaid?" written on the bottom. That way, when your friend finishes her coffee, she'll find the surprise message. 

You can find these types of mugs on Etsy. Just make sure you hand it to the waiter to use without your friend seeing you and you're good to go!

Remember, this isn't a collective activity. Give each one their time and space separately to make them feel even more special.

Bridesmaids creative proposals

Image: @evgeniakostiaeva


#4 Send Them Their Favorite Food

If you don't have a lot of time to make a face-to-face plan with each one, or maybe they don't live in the same city, this idea is perfect!

What better way to show your love than through food? The fact you know what their favorite dish is gives you extra points.

Send them a care package made of their favorite foods with a message asking them to make a quick video call while they enjoy it. Once connected, tell them how much they mean to you and that you'd love them to be your bridesmaids.

Wedding bridesmaids

Image: Sarah Meyer


#5 Sign Them Up For a Dance Class

How about bringing them all together for a salsa night? Book a private class and tell them in the middle of the night that you hope they keep practicing because they'll be dancing quite a lot as bridesmaids at your wedding. Just wait to see them cry out in joy!


So, how will you ask your friends to be your bridesmaids? Whatever you do, we're sure it'll be a very special moment with the women you love most in your life.

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