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3 Ways to Coordinate Your Wedding Look with Your Partner

By: Velas Weddings / 18 Dec 2022
Coordinate Wedding Look

There will probably never be as many photos of you with your partner as on your wedding day. You're the center of attention, so all eyes and cameras will be on you.

Normally a lot of emphasis is placed on the bride's look (the truth is, brides always steal the spotlight), but that doesn't mean that your partner's image isn't just as important. This day to celebrate your love is for the two of you, so you'll want to look your best together.

In a romantic way, a wedding is about the coming together of two people as they become one. So it's not about the aesthetic aspect of the two of you separately, but who you become when you're together, a united front about to begin a new chapter in your lives.

Not to mention, if you and your partner coordinate your look it'll make your wedding photos look spectacular. There are no more beautiful wedding images than a couple aligned both inside and out.

When trying to harmonize your looks in a way that feels classy and sophisticated rather than cheesy, there are three concepts you should focus on. Keep reading so that you and your partner look sensational together on your wedding day!

Coordinate wedding look by color or texture

Photo: Evgenia Kostiaeva


#1 By Style

Of course, the first thing you have to establish with your partner is the style of your wedding. If your wedding dress is going to be inspired by some past era, for example, the 20s, then it would be nice if your groom's suit pairs similarly.

If there's no definite inspiration, together you can choose a basic concept that you both would like to wear at your wedding.

Also, it's important that you both dress with the same level of sophistication. Avoid having one dress too formal and the other something more casual. It just wouldn't look good in photos or in person.

If your wedding dress has a daring or unusual touch, it would also be nice if your partner's suit follows the same detail. The idea is to coordinate your look according to the same general style.


#2 By Color

A white dress and a black, navy, or brown suit are the classic color choices, and it's okay if that's what you choose to follow.

But one way you can coordinate your look is by accentuating other colors in your clothing or accessories. For example, you may choose to wear the same color as the groom's tie through some detail in your wedding dress, such as a small ribbon around your waist.

Or if your partner's shirt will be a bold color like red, green, or pink, you can pair shoes in that same color. You can also incorporate a color coordinated with your partner in your jewelry.

The idea is to coordinate your look with subtle details of the same color.

Coordinate wedding look by style

Photo: MemoryBox


#3 By Texture

Finally, we have the option to coordinate your look by texture, which is an even more subtle way to do it.

For example, if your wedding dress has a very particular texture, your partner's jacket or pants can incorporate the same feel. Of course, for something like this he might have to have his suit made.

Simple things like choosing articles of clothing with the same type of fabric, such as silk, satin, or velvet, will complement what you're wearing and help tie your looks together!

As you can see, it's quite easy to coordinate your bridal look with your partner. Although this is completely optional, it'll definitely make you look better together on your big day.

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