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3 Tips for Writing Spectacular Wedding Vows

By: Weddings by Velas / 26 Oct 2018
3 Tips for Writing Spectacular Wedding Vows
Reciting the wedding vows is one of the central and most memorable moments of your wedding day. They will be cherished and remembered forever. Your vows create the ideal chance to share your unending love and appreciation for your partner and to experience a beautiful moment together with friends and family.

Although wonderful, this spotlight on wedding vows can come with added pressure which has led many lovebirds to experience a writer's block when they sit down to create their vows. If you're struggling with where to begin, we have three simple tips to help you write the vows that your partner will cherish for a lifetime.

1.  Choose a Style for your Wedding Vows

Vows can be as classic or as unique as you are, your vows need to reflect your personality as well as your unending love. An example of classic vows would be to say, "I promise to love and to cherish you until death do us part." If this more formal approach is your personal style, then you can't go wrong. But if you prefer to break from the formality and try something more personalized, you can add a more natural voice, such as: "We have no need to promise anything new as long as we continue to love and respect each other each day of our marriage as we do right now. Let's continue living each moment together with the most life, love and happiness while also supporting and uplifting one another unconditionally, staying best friends, and ... "

2.  The Perfect Length for Wedding Vows

Although each person writes his or her wedding vows separately and without the other reviewing them, it's a good idea to agree beforehand on the length of the vows. Create an balance between your vows and your partner's so that one person doesn't have only 3 sentences while the other reads 4 pages. A good recommendation for the length of your vows is about two minutes, equivalent to one written page.

3.  Start Small

Once you've decided on the style and length, it's time to begin writing. It's easiest to start by brainstorming the small things or phrases that you'd like to say to your partner. Mention something from your past that initially attracted you to them, describe how your relationship has evolved and grown, talk about a difficulty that you've overcome together and how you see your future together. Avoid inside jokes or anecdotes that your guests may not understand - these are often better left for an informal toast at the reception.  Once you finish brainstorming, you can begin connecting the phrases together into a storyline that will become your wedding vows.

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