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10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress For You

By: Velas Weddings / 13 Sep 2022
Wedding dress shopping tips

The time has come to buy your wedding dress…

Congrats! This is a very exciting experience that you'll remember forever.

Every bride deserves to find the perfect dress, the one that makes her feel extra special on her big day. We know… with so many different styles and designs, it can be hard to know where to start and how to make a decision.

For this reason, we've gathered the top tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress for you! From setting a budget to the climate of your wedding location, here are some things to consider to find your dream dress.

Without further ado, let's get started!

Wedding dress shopping



Start Your Search Soon

The sooner you start looking for your dress, the better! This way you'll have enough time to compare options, go to all the stores you want (and are recommended) and, when you find it, have time to make the necessary adjustments.


Set a Budget

The prices of wedding dresses can go through the roof, so we recommend you establish a budget from the very beginning. This will help you narrow down your options from the start and not waste valuable time on dresses that you won't end up buying.


Keep a Wedding Dress Style in Mind

Everyone has an idea of what clothes they prefer and what makes them feel the most confident. It's very helpful to know what style of wedding dress you're looking for before you start looking. This will make your search easier and help you find the dress of your dreams faster!


But Also Keep an Open Mind

Even if you think you know what you want, it's great to keep an open mind to wedding dresses that you would never think you'd like.

Don't be afraid to try on different styles! You might be surprised by some dresses you would never have thought worked for you.


Take Into Account the Weather of Your Wedding Location

For example, if you're going to get married on the beach, perhaps a wedding dress that is too heavy and with a lot of fabric is not the best option, due to the heat.

When you're looking at dresses, take into account the season and the climate of the place where you'll be tying the knot.

Lace wedding dress

Image: Jorge Mercado


Ask for a Second Opinion

It's always a good idea to ask for a second opinion when you go to look for your dress. Ask your mom, sister, or friend to join you and give you their honest opinion on everything you try on.


Take Photos

Take photos in every dress you like. That way, you can compare how they look on you and narrow down the search more easily. This is in addition to the fact that, if you try on many dresses, it's easy for you to forget some details, but having photos will make it much easier for you to remember and visualize everything.

Ask the person accompanying you to help you take photos of the front, the back, and the small details that make each dress different or special.


Alterations are Key

Don't be afraid to make adjustments to your dress! A good tailor can do wonders and ensure that the dress you liked so much fits you perfectly.

Also, keep in mind that wedding dress sizes are very different from normal clothing sizes. So, it's very likely that the clothing size you normally wear doesn't match the wedding dress size you're trying on.


Think About Accessories

When buying your wedding dress, it's important to also keep in mind your accessories. From the veil to the shoes, accessories can help make your dress even more dazzling!

Beach wedding dress

Image: Jeremy Chou Photography


Finally: Have a Good Breakfast!

It's true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the day you go looking for your wedding dress, it's essential that you go well fed.

Doing your search hungry will only make your head hurt and you won't have enough energy to try all the dresses you want on. Make sure you have a good, nutritious breakfast that'll give you the strength you need for this very special day of shopping.

Now, you're ready to go out and look for your beautiful wedding dress! We're sure that with these 10 tips you'll find the one that's perfect for you.

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