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Mexico Wedding Check List

Get excited about your romantic destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta or Riviera Maya! With your wedding day just around the corner, Velas Resorts offers this helpful wedding planning calendar and checklist so that your celebration is on track, on schedule and on budget. Our Wedding Specialists are happy to help you create customized wedding calendars with timelines and checklists that guide you every step of your journey.
Wedding Planning at Velas Resort - Mexico

9-12 months prior to the wedding

  • Begin to envision your wedding style and colors at Velas Resorts. A formal ballroom affair? Chic tropical garden reception? Breezy beautiful beach wedding?
  • Decide on a wedding budget and who will be contributing to the wedding.
  • Choose a wedding date and time after checking with important guests (parents, siblings, grandparents, best friends).
  • Check availability at the Velas Resort of your choice and make a 25% deposit to reserve the perfect setting for your dream wedding!
  • Review the options with your Velas Resorts wedding planner, to make any decisions that must be made at this time.
  • Form your guest list. Ask for guest wish lists from both sides of the family then compile.
  • Choose and invite your wedding party: bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl and ring bearer.
  • Contact the airlines for group rates to your Velas Resorts destination.
  • Start a wedding organizer with room to keep track of appointments, payments, invitations, gifts and thank-you notes. You may keep this as a keepsake later!
  • Let friends and family know you're engaged. Send an announcement to local newspapers, plan an engagement party or send a just-engaged eCard. You may also want to have engagement photos taken.
  • Order and send "Save the Date" announcements to your guests.
  • Brides: start thinking about your wedding dress so that you have time to figure out what style of dress will look best on you and time to shop. If you feel the need, now is the time to start taking better care of yourself and making a few lifestyle changes to prepare you to look your best: joining a gym, eating well, getting more sleep, quitting smoking or hiring a personal trainer.
  • Start your wedding registry. You can always start with one store and just a few items and add more if necessary. Don't forget to include some items for your upcoming bridal shower.

6-9 months prior to your wedding

  • Compile all documents that you will need for your wedding at Velas Resorts, as well as making sure that you have your passport to travel to Mexico. Consult with your Velas Resorts wedding coordinator about requirements for different kinds of weddings.
  • Plan the ceremony style according to your beliefs and start pre-wedding counseling if desired. Examine family wedding customs and traditions that you might want to include in your wedding ceremony or reception. Once decided, discuss with your Velas Resorts wedding coordinator.
  • Finalize any special ceremony events such as songs, readings or rituals with your guests who will be performing them.
  • Order your invitations. An option that will save guests and you the trouble of traveling with gifts is to include a small card with the invitations stating that it is possible to receive gifts prior to the wedding. You can coordinate your invitations to your save-the date announcements or use a different design.
  • Order your wedding gown and accessories and schedule your dress fittings, keeping your ceremony location and the weather in mind. Make sure to read your wedding dress contract before you sign it.
  • Select and order your bridesmaid dresses. Search photos, magazines and websites and ask the girls' opinions. Compile the measurements of your bridesmaids and choose accessories (shoes and jewelry).
  • Buy and insure your wedding bands.
  • Sign your Velas Resorts Wedding Contract and make a 50% deposit of the total wedding costs.

4-6 months prior to your wedding

  • Confirm optional wedding services with your Velas Resorts coordinator, such as private events, music and special décor.
  • Make sure that you have received all of your travel and required legal wedding documents.

2-4 months prior to your wedding

  • Send your wedding invitations
  • Submit final 25% payment to Velas Resorts.
  • Grooms, time to decide what you will wear for the wedding: suit, tuxedo, button-down and slacks or resort wear. Check the internet, magazines and previous Velas Resort wedding photos for ideas. Make plans to buy or rent what you will wear.
  • Grooms, choose groomsmen attire. Give all of the groomsmen the info they need to buy and/or reserve.
  • Bride, buy gifts for maid of honor, bridesmaids and child attendants. Wrap gifts and write each attendant a note.
  • Groom, buy gifts for best man, groomsmen and ushers. Wrap gifts and write each attendant a note.

2 months prior to your wedding

  • Brides compile your wedding beauty plan with examples of your ideal hairstyle. Make an appointment at your Velas Resort beauty salon for hair, makeup, manicure and pedicure. Don't forget to plan for a luxurious bridal spa ritual before the big day!
  • Buy a guestbook to bring to the wedding.
  • Work on ceremony vows (especially if you will be writing them yourself).
  • Work on a list of must-have photos for your Velas Resorts photographer

1 months prior to your wedding

  • Confirm all Wedding-day details with your Velas Resorts wedding coordinator. All payments to the resort should have been submitted by now.
  • Make sure everyone in the wedding party is aware of their roles and duties. Provide a list for the maid of honor and the best man.
  • Schedule final dress fitting along with bridesmaids, with correct shoes, veil, accessories and undergarments.
  • Review final guest list and contact guests who have not confirmed.
  • Consult with your Velas Resorts wedding coordinator about possible wedding favors, or assemble favors that you will be bringing or shipping to the resort.

3 weeks prior to your wedding

  • Leave emergency contact information as well as the resort contact information with a trusted friend or family member who will not be attending the wedding.
  • Pick up your wedding dress and obtain a secure bag for travel. Call the airline in advance to ask about the possibility of hanging your dress during the trip instead of checking it in. Do not ship your dress.
  • Make sure you have your garter and "something old, something new" or any other customary touches you would like to include.
    Practice walking in your wedding shoes.
  • Shop and pack for your honeymoon.
  • Double check that you have all necessary documentation for travel and your wedding in Mexico, and that they are packed safely. Prepare your wedding toasts or thank- yous.

1 week prior to your wedding

  • Confirm your airport transportation with the resort concierge
  • Confirm your beauty salon and Spa appointments.
  • Grooms, get your final haircut.
  • Make sure groomsmen have formal attire.
  • Confirm all details regarding your wedding with your Velas Resorts wedding coordinator
  • Grooms, pick up your formal wear and try it on. Make sure you have all necessary accessories for your wedding day: shoes, cuff links, jewelry, etc.

Day before your wedding

  • Enjoy your manicure and pedicure at the Velas Resort spa.
  • Groom, give the best man the bride's wedding band.
  • Enjoy your rehearsal dinner.
  • Brides, pull together wedding gown, veil, shoes, stockings, and a last-minute emergency kit (aspirin, makeup, safety pins, mints, etc.). Get a wonderful night's sleep in your luxury Velas Resorts suite.

Day of wedding

  • Eat breakfast
  • Take a special moment aside with your parents
  • Enjoy your bridal spa ritual, hair and makeup session.
  • Enjoy your beautiful Velas Resorts destination wedding!
  • Get dressed.
  • Confirm with those people you expect to give toasts at the reception.
  • Take a private moment aside as newlyweds to congratulate each other and/or exchange gifts.

Day after wedding

  • Compile a preliminary online photo album from friend's and family's photos for Facebook and other social media. These will most likely be the first photos available.
  • Within two months of your wedding, write and send out your thank-you notes.