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Mexico Resort Weddings - The FAQs

Getting married in Mexico is an amazing experience at Velas Resorts, from Puerto Vallarta to the sacred coast of Riviera May. We strive to make your wedding as relaxed and joyous as possible. To ensure your wedding is everything you have dreamed of, we have compiled a list of legal requirements - from marriage licenses to resort policies - and FAQs so that your wedding is as easy as our sea breezes.
Our Wedding Specialists pay careful attention to the details and assist you on every step of this beautiful journey. If you have any questions regarding the legal requirements of a wedding in Puerto Vallarta or Riviera Maya, contact Velas Resorts.
Velas Resorts Services - Mexico

Wedding Requirements

  • How far in advance should the couple arrive in order to be able to have the ceremony?

    The couple must arrive at Velas Resorts at least 3 business days (Monday-Saturday) before the scheduled civil ceremony date.
  • Are weddings performed at Velas Resorts legally recognized in the United States?

    Yes. Civil/legal weddings performed in Mexico are legal in the United States. To find out more about the legal and translation requirements for registering your marriage certificate obtained in Mexico, contact your local courthouse. Remember that you are responsible for any additional charges imposed by your state or country to register your marriage or provide additional paperwork.
  • What are the document requirements for a legal wedding in Mexico?

    • Marriage Application
    • Proof of legal stay in México (Original & Copy)
    • Blood test (Completed no more than 15 days prior to the wedding day)
    • Death certificate of previous spouse if applicable (certified translation to Spanish)
    • Four (4) Witnesses, can be relatives except parents (must present proof of legal stay in México and photo ID. If the witnesses are Mexican citizens, an official photo ID is required)
    • Passport or Driver's License
    • Birth certificate (certified translation to Spanish)
    • Divorce certificate if applicable (certified translation to Spanish)
    • Health certificate (Completed no more than 15 days prior to the wedding day)
    • If neither person to be married is not a Mexican citizen it is necessary to obtain authorization from the Mexican Immigration Office, at an extra charge.
    Consult your Velas Resorts Wedding Coordinator about legal requirements for your wedding and travel to Mexico.
  • If my name is different from the passport and birth certificate will this be an issue?

    Yes. All names must be exactly the same, including middle names. In addition, a Tourist Visa is required by the Mexican Government to carry out the wedding. You will automatically obtain this upon arrival at the Cancun or Puerto Vallarta Airport. It is the card placed in your passport after passing through immigration. If either the bride or groom has ever been adopted, divorced, widowed, or had a name change, an original or certified copy of the related document is required.
  • If one of us is a Mexican citizen, will we require additional documentation?

    Yes. It will be necessary for the foreigner to obtain authorization from the Mexican Immigration Authorities, at an extra charge. Please contact the Immigration Office closest to your Velas Resort to obtain the list of required documents. Failure to provide adequate documentation may result in cancellation of the civil ceremony.
  • Is it possible to contact the Mexican Immigration Authorities directly prior to our arrival?

    Yes. You can contact them at www.inami.gob.mx.
  • What if a document is missing? Can the judge still perform the ceremony?

    No. There are no exceptions to this rule. All documents must be in order, so please verify well in advance that you are in possession of all documents before departure.
  • Should we mail our documents before we arrive?

    Yes. Documents must be presented to your Velas Resorts wedding coordinator at least 30 days prior to the wedding day and must be personally presented to the Judge at the time of your interview.

Wedding Packages

  • May I purchase one of your Wedding Packages if I do not stay at a Velas Resort?

    Yes. However any service included in the Wedding Package will be quoted separately: Judge Service, Minister, Food & Beverages, Flowers, Decoration, Rental Fee, etc.
  • Do you offer any Complimentary Vow Renewal Packages?

    Yes. Velas Resorts offers symbolic wedding ceremonies.
  • Do you offer customized weddings?

    Yes. All of our wedding packages can be personalized to your style and vision. If you wish to explore this option, please contact our Wedding Specialist for package information and pricing.
  • Are your wedding packages valid at any Velas Resort?

    Yes. However the price will vary at each resort property.

Reserving a Wedding Event

  • How can I reserve my wedding ceremony?

    A wedding reservation request form must be completed with all required information in order to start your booking process right away or contact our Wedding Specialist Team toll free. From the USA & CANADA: 866-868-0922 and from MEXICO: 01800-837-3982.
  • When should I expect to be contacted after submitting a reservation request form?

    You will receive email confirmation usually within 24-48 business hours. Also, please feel free to contact us directly by telephone or by emailing weddings@velasresorts.com or bodas@velasresorts.com


  • How much is required to Save The Date and reserve a venue for my wedding?

    A 25% deposit of the total will be required. This deposit is non-refundable.
  • When should the total payment be made?

    Optional Services for your wedding event must be paid for according to your calendar established on the wedding contract. The total due must be paid at least 30 days before the wedding day. For more information please contact our Wedding Specialists.
  • What forms of payment are accepted?

    Deposits may be made by credit card (except Discover), in cash or by bank transfer to our bank account.

Wedding Dinner

  • Are we able to reserve a restaurant for our wedding dinner as part of the All-Inclusive Plan?

    Yes. A reservation for 8 persons maximum is welcome for a wedding dinner at any of our a la carte restaurants.
  • What if I would like to have a wedding dinner for more than 8 guests? Can I still have my wedding dinner at one of the restaurants?

    No. The maximum number of guests that we can accommodate in one reservation at any of our restaurants is 8. If you are planning a wedding where more guests may attend, a private function must be purchased. Please contact our Wedding Specialists.
  • What locations are available for my private dinner if I choose to have one?

    Private dinner events are held on our magnificent beaches, in our tropical gardens, and elegant ballrooms. Please inquire about unique options at each Velas Resort.

General Ceremony Questions

  • Will the ceremony be performed in English or Spanish?

    The legal ceremony is performed in Spanish with the services of a Professional Translator if required.
  • Can we have the ceremony on the beach?

    Yes. Velas Resorts can organize beautiful Civil or Symbolic ceremonies on the tranquil beaches of Mexico. Religious (Catholic) ceremonies must be celebrated at the nearest church, as mandated by the Vatican.
  • Is it possible to ship my wedding dress, wedding favors or other packages to the resort?

    Yes, any package can be shipped directly to the property. However the resort is not responsible for any inconvenience during the shipping process (Customs taxes, document requirements, etc).
  • Can guests who are not staying at Velas Resorts attend the wedding?

    Yes. However, guests not staying at any Velas Resorts must purchase a wedding pass upon their arrival to the resort. Wedding passes are guaranteed for purchase only on the ceremony date and can stay only the time of the wedding event. Please contact your wedding sales coordinator for wedding pass restrictions.
  • If I am getting married at Casa Velas Hotel Boutique, can a child under 15 years old attend the ceremony and reception? Will the resort make an exception?

    If the ceremony/reception takes place at the Garden or Pool area, we are not able to make any exceptions due to the "adult-only" policy. All guests must be 16 years or older. However if the ceremony/reception will take place at the Beach Club, children are welcome. Families with children can stay at Velas Vallarta. Please consult your Wedding Coordinator for details.
  • Do the resorts offer a steaming or pressing service for a wedding dress?

    Velas Resorts offers a basic steaming service (depending on the details, size, material of the dress, etc.). However there are off-property services that can handle the steaming of the dress. Prices are determined based on the dress details.
  • When do we meet with the wedding coordinator?

    You will be in close contact with your Velas Resorts Wedding Coordinator in the months leading up to your arrival. Upon arrival, clients may establish a meeting with the Wedding Coordinator or will receive a letter from the Wedding Coordinator in their room or at the front desk specifying an appointment time and date to meet.
  • Can we bring our own wedding music?

    Yes. We provide a wide selection of music, however, clients are welcome to bring their own wedding music, CDs or iPods to ensure that the music is exactly what they desire for their wedding ceremony and reception.