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Daughters wedding was a huge success!
   Casa Velas   Dec 20, 2018
Our family, (mostly wife and daughter), spent several months working with the staff at Casa Velas planning a destination wedding for 45-50 people. It was an event that required much preparation and attention to detail. Every step along the way the staff at Casa Velas was supportive and enthusiastic. As a result, the wedding is still being talked about by the guests six days later and will be for some time. It was truly a matter of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. The venue is first class and easy to enjoy as it is not huge and expansive. This was important as it allowed guests to return to their room quickly and easily as needed. The wedding and reception used three separate areas creating a different ambiance at a each stage of the celebration. Guests were greeted with wine and cheese in the botanical garden for the service and exchange of vows. A brief cocktail party followed on the terrace overlooking the swimming pool and deck which would host the sit down dinner and dance reception. All three phases went off without a hitch thanks to the professionalism of the wedding planner and the team she assembled. During the days before and after the wedding, guests and family were able to enjoy the private beach club, golf course and different activities in and around Puerto Vallarta. Casa Velas staff was always ready and available to assist with reservations or transportation. Not planning a wedding? I recommend getting away to this lovely resort for great food, service and relaxation. Casa Velas will always have a special place in our hearts because of the wedding but we would go back as guests regardless. When we find a place we like we try to return. And it's hard not to like a place where the staff is continually saying "my pleasure" with sincerity and telling you that Casa Velas is your home while you are there.